Events of the American Revolution

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  • Spark - Lexington and Concord

    Spark - Lexington and Concord
    The battle of Lexington and Concord started the American Revolutionary War. On the 18th of April many hundreds of British soldiers to concord after tension has been growing for several years between the British jurisdiction and the Colonists, to seize an arms storage. This night Paul Revere made his famous midnight ride. By the time the British arrived the colonists were ready. The American Revolutionary War has begun. #TheBritishAreComing
  • First Major Battle - The Battle of Bunker Hill

    First Major Battle - The Battle of Bunker Hill
    General Howe navigates his troops on to the Charleston peninsula to lead them towards a American fortified position just underneath Bunker Hill, The British advanced themselves in rows until they came 40 yards away from the Americans were they sent a lethal fire of muskets, throwing the British to retreat. After their 3rd attempt they engaged in close combat soon outnumbering the Americans forcing them to lose #WeHaveAChance
  • Turning Point - Saratoga

    Turning Point - Saratoga
    After the British surrendered this became the turning point in the war because it showed the French that they could fight and win. After the British had taken their land they decided to help the colonists win their indepence.
  • Government-Articles of Confederation

    Government-Articles of Confederation
    It was writtin by John Dickinson of Pennsylvania which was revised many times for the basis approved my congress. He prepared his draft in June 1776, his 3rd version was soon settled on. On November of 1777 the final articles after being altered were approved by congress. This failed to establish a strong goverment because it gave states more power than federal goverment. It is known for being the first governmental document. #Cooperation
  • Low Point -Valley Forge

    Low Point -Valley Forge
    This was a low point because here General George Washington's Continental army suffered the most after surviving the winter with low supplies, low rations, and most men didn't have shoes. It was the time when the General George Washington's Continental army had suffered the most.
  • Last - Yorktown

    Last - Yorktown
    The American force with the French troops surrounded the British Army in Yorktown, Virginia. George Washinton and the French General statred their final attack on Oct 14, 1781 when they captured two British defenses forcing them to surrender. Several days later they had already captured the British General Corwallis and almost 9,000 troops. This ended up being the final battle in the American Revoloution.
  • Resolution-Treaty of Paris of 1783

    Resolution-Treaty of Paris of 1783
    After winning the Battle at Yorktown the Continental Congress made a five-member group to consult a treaty. The people who ended up going were Adams, Franklin and Jay. The colonists ended up gaining all territory between the Allghery on the east and the west of the Mississippi, doubling their size. They agreed to use their power to end all persecution of loyalists and for goverments to restore their property taken during the war.
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    Turning Point-Saratoga

    The Battle of Saratoga was basically 2 battles faught over the course of 18 days. On Sep 19, 1777 A British General named John Burgoyne had one a minor victory over the American forces where his troops were weakened in strenth. Burgoyne decided to attack again 18 days later on Bemis Heights, this time he lost due to his weakened soldiers and was soon forced to retreat.
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    Low Point-Valley Forge

    At the end of 1777 Washington's Army was in bad shape. They've been marching from New Jersey to fight 17,000 British forces who landed in Chesapeake Bay, after losing two major battles. Instead of going in for a mid-winter attack Washintgton decided to pull back to Valley Forge with 11,000 men. After losing 2,000 of those by disease, coldeness, and starvation stuck to their loyalty to Washington. #NoShoes