Events of the American Revolution

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  • Spark-Lexington and Concord

    Spark-Lexington and Concord
    #RideLikeTheWindBritish troops were ferrying across the Boston Harbor to start their march in Lexington.Dr. Joseph Warren told Paul to warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock.Two lanterns hung on the church steeple. Then, Paul and 3 other men rode to warn people. John and Samuel escaped just in time. Meanwhile, the Minutemen were armed and ready to fight. 18 minutemen were hurt and killed. Although Paul got captured, he successfully warned the colonists.
  • First-Battle of Bunker Hill

    First-Battle of Bunker Hill
    American forces learned that the British was going to take over hills around Boston for war purposes/resources. After hearing this information, they secretly moved their forces into Bunker and Breeds Hill. They were two unoccupied hills outside Charleston. They set up during the night. The British had learned about it, and they attacked. The British won, but they paid for the wounds. #HillsAreMineBro!
  • Sarotoga-Turning Point

    Sarotoga-Turning Point
    #We'reOnOurWay! It's the third year for the revoloution, and the Americans are losing. The British was trying to dominate New England by controlling ports on the Hudson River,mainly Albany. The continental soldiers trap them at Saratoga. It's two battles fought 18 days apart. In the first battle Burgoin , a British commander hoped for reinforcments, bu they never came. They finally surrendered. The French helped from that point on.
  • Low Point- Valley Forge

    Low Point- Valley Forge
    It was a very snowy battle. Some people died of starvation, or they froze to death. George Washighton was having a hard time to take care of his troops. About ten people die each day. He set up a decent nursing hut, but men still suffered from starvation. Many horses have died, so they had to move stuff themselves. Soldiers left to go home, butt Washington stayed. They came to defend Philedelphia. #FreezingMyButtOff
  • Governmment-Articles of Confederation

    Governmment-Articles of Confederation
    The Continental Congress wrote up the Articles of Confederation.They were written to give some sense to the colonies about a unified government. When the thirteen colonies seperated, they began to do their own thing. They needed a better document for them to be a successful nation. It made states and legislature supreme. There was no executive branch, and barely any judicial. They had to rewrite it in May 1781.
  • Last-Yorktown

    #FellIntoTheTrap General Cornwallis lead his troops to the Virginia Coast and set his camp up at Yorktown in Chesapeake Bay. It was a perfect oppurtunity to trap them for General Washington. He worked together with the French army. There were about 16,000 men. Cornwallis tried to escape by boarding a ship. before he did that, the French drove the British fleets out. After holding to them for three weeks, they surrendered.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    Representative from the U.S. and Great Britain came to sign the treaty. The U.S. was recognized as an independent nation. The British decided to give up the claims of land surrounding The Antlantic and Mississippi Rivers, from Canada to Florida. The Americans returned all properties and rights back to the loyalists. They learned that freedom had a high price.
  • Period: to

    Valey Forge

    The soldiers have fought through this cold and harsh winter. A lot of soldiers wanted ot go home, but Gerorge Washington stood by them and helpded take care of them.
  • Period: to

    Battle of Yorktown

    They trapped the British Soldiers with the French troops. It was a successful mission.