Events of the American Revolution

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  • Lexington and Concord- Spark of War

    Lexington and Concord- Spark of War
    Lexington and ConcordOn April 19th, 1775 British troops were sent to arrest John Hancock and Samuel Adams in Concord. But these men had been warned about the British attacks beforehand. Paul Revere had ridden to Concord in the middle of the night to warn them. When the British got there, the minute men were armed and ready to fight in Lexington. They were told not to fight unless the British fired upon them. No one knows who fired first, the fighting began.This was the start of the Revolution #ShotHeardRoundTheWorld
  • Bunker Hill- First Official Battle

    Bunker Hill- First Official Battle
    Battle of Bunker Hill Video' On June 17th, 1775, the British decided to seize the Charlestown peninsula. But on the day before, 1,500 rebel soldiers had gathered together here. The Patriots set up a barrier so that they could protect themselves. General Gage, of the British army, decided to attack anyway since he had more men. 2,400 British soldiers, 1,500 Patriot soldiers.The British won this battle, but it was a heavy loss of men. #FirstBattle
  • Battle of Saratoga, The Turning Point

    Battle of Saratoga, The Turning Point
    Battle of SaratogaBattle of Saratoga Trivia QuizThe Battle of Saratoga took place in the months of September and October. This was considered the turning point in the war because it made France decide that they would help the Colonists. There were two parts to this battle. British General Burgoyne lead the attack first on Sep. 19, and tried to take New York. The Patriots surrounded the British and won the first and second battles of Saratoga. General Benedict Arnold was injured in the second battle. #HelpFromFrance!
  • Articles of Confederation, Government

    Articles of Confederation, Government
    Articles of ConfederationOn Nov. 15, 1777, the Continental Congress adopted the Articles of Confederation. It was the United States first constitution. It was in force from March 1, 1781, to 1789, then the present day constitution went into effect. The Articles of Confederation joined the colonies together and helped them form a better alliance against Britain. The laws that were inforced with this constitution were very simple and vague. The colonists didn't want a powerful government. #FirstConstitution
  • Valley Forge - The Low Point

    Valley Forge - The Low Point
    Valley ForgeDecember- June, General Washington and his troops were stuck at an encampment of the Continental Army in Pennsylvania. The months spent at Valley Forge were long and hard. They didn't have the right clothes for the cold weather. The soldiers were always hungry. Many died from sickness and cold. Some Americans heard about the conditions and sent food and clothes. This was a very low point in the war for Patriots. Many soldiers left the army because they didn't want to be in discomfort #Cold!
  • Yorktown- The Last Battle

    Yorktown- The Last Battle
    Battle of YorktownOn Sep. 28th, 1781, George Washington lead 17,000 men to Yorktown, Virginia. There were 9,000 British soldiers. This was the most important battle of the war and lasted 20 days. The British tried to counter the attack, but they soon realized they were going to loose. British General Cornwallis asked for a truce on Oct. 17. Two days later, he surrendered. This battle is known as one of the most skillful military acts in history. #Victory!
  • Treaty of Paris of 1783, The Resolution

    Treaty of Paris of 1783, The Resolution
    Treary of Paris 1783
    The Treaty of Paris was made in early 1783, but wasn't signed until Sep. 3rd. Under this treaty, Britain recognized the United States as an independent nation. They also gave up all claims to lands between the Atlantic and the Mississippi. American colonists agreed to give the Loyalists their land and property back that had been taken from them in the war. This ended the war, but both sides had lost a lot. Around 6,200 Americans died in combat, and around 10,000 died from disease. #WarEnds
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    The American Revolution

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