Events of the American Revolution

By ela6328
  • Spark- Lexington and Concord

    Spark- Lexington and Concord
    The tensions between the colonies and Britain. On the night of April 18th, British troops marched from Boston to Concord to stop an arms cache. Paul Revere and other horse riders sounded the alarm. The militiamen tried to stop the Redcoats. They two sides met in Lexington and that's where the fighting started. Then the British fled because of the intense fire.
  • First- Bunker Hill

    First- Bunker Hill
    The British defeated the colonists in this battle. In Massachusetts the colonists shot many people from the enemy. This gave them a confidence boost even though they lost the battle. Even though it is commonly referred to as Bunker Hill the battle was near Breed's Hill.
  • Turning Point- Saratoga

    Turning Point- Saratoga
    On September 19th, British General John Burgoyne achieved a costly victory over the colonists led by Horatio Gates and Benedict Arnold. Though his troop strength went down, Burgoyne attacked the Americans at Bemis Heights on October 7th, but this time was defeated. The American victory convinced the French government to recognize the colonist's cause and enter the war as their ally.
  • Low Point- Valley Forge

    Low Point- Valley Forge
    In this battle the colonists wanted to quit fighting. Here there was hunger, disease and despair. The weather was freezing. A baron transformed troubled troops into fighting soldiers.
  • Period: to

    Low Point- Valley Forge

  • Government- Articles of Confederation

    Government- Articles of Confederation
    The Articles of Confederation were the first constitution of the United States. It made a weak central governent and left most decisions to the state governments. The need for a stronger government became visibel and this led to the Constitiutional Convention.
  • Last- Yorktown

    Last- Yorktown
    General George Washington and a troop of 17,000 men begin the battle. They completely encircled Cornwallis and his troops. Cornwallis surrendered and this ended the war. This war was in Vrginia.
  • Period: to

    Last- Yorktown

  • Resolution- Treaty of Paris of 1783

    Resolution- Treaty of Paris of 1783
    The Treaty of Paris ended the Revolutionary War between Britain and the colonies. They established borders for the new country. John Jay, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin represented America at the peace talks. The Treaty of Paris formally ended the war.