Events of music

By qayres
  • The Moog

    The Moog
    In 1953 Dr, Robert Moog started his company make and sell electronic instruments such as the theremin and the synth.
  • Milton Babbit

    Milton Babbit
    In 1960 Milton Babbitt was hired as a consultant composer on the Rca Mark 2 synth.
  • Columbia

    Columbia-Princeton Electric music center releases and album with 5 synth composers of the time.
  • Korg

    Korg electronics is made in japan. They will continue to be ones of the best synth brands out there.
  • Doctor Who

    In 1964 Ron Gainer composed the shows soundtracks composed entirely out of synthesizer.
  • Brain Jones

    Brain Jones
    In 1966 Brian Jones of rolling stones used the theremin of their upcoming album.
  • electronic 60s

    electronic 60s
    Rock bands of the late 60s started to experiment with new musical technology with their projects.
  • Brain eno

    Brain eno
    In 1971 Brain enos starts in London with the band of roxy. He will later become the father of ambiance.
  • Audio engineers

    in 1973 Digital audio engineers make an appearance to mix the new music coming.
  • Dj

    In 1975 the technique of scratching was introduced.
  • Hardcore

    In 1988 The uk hardcore scene comes with a new genre called drum and bass
  • Moby

    in 1991 Richard hall releases the single called go using the stage name of moby
  • Aphex twin

    Aphex twin
    In 1992 Aphex twin releases "selected ambient works 85-92"
  • Daft Punk

    Daft Punk
    In 1997 Daft Punk releases "Homework"
  • Music festivals

    Music festivals
    In 1999 The UMF in miami was hosted.