Events Leadng To The Civil War

  • Missouri Compromise of 1820

    Made Missouri a slave state and maine a free state.
  • Tariff of Abominations

    Raise in tarrifs that really made the south mad at te north.
  • wilmot provio

    Helped start to make the north and south mad at each other over slavery.
  • Period: to

    Free Soil Party

    Formed by whigs tried to abolish slavery.
  • Fugitive Slave Act

    Helped keep slaves from running away by enforcing the death penalty.
  • Differing Economies of North and South

    The south sold cotton and used more farms while the north used textile factories to make there money.
  • Compromise of 1850

    Allowed California to become a free state but other newly aquired territories can decide if they wated to be free or slave states.
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin

    Book describes how bad slavery was to the slaves.
  • Kansas - Nebraska Act

    Created Kansas and Nebraska and stated that new territories could vote if they were for or against slavery.
  • Period: to

    Republican Party

    Main party made up of merged parties for antislavery.
  • Sack Of Lawrence

    Documents that only made the north and south madder at each other.
  • Brooks/Sumner Senate Caning

    Brooks beat sumner refuseless untill he was unconcious.
  • Pottawatomie Massacre (Bleeding Kansas)

    Abolitionists killed five proslavery members.
  • Underground Railroad (Harriet Tubman)

    Showed that te slaves were willing to die to escape slavery.
  • The Election Of 1856

    Buchanon was voted president and helped draw clear party lines.
  • Dred Scott Decision

    Scott sued for hi freedom, he was later denied freedom.
  • Period: to

    Know-Nothing Party

    tried to keep power from the imigrants and even catholics.
  • Lincoln/Douglas Debates

    Abe and Douglas had seven debates all consisting of slavery, which helped inform the public.
  • Freeport Doctrine

    Douglas said new western territories could not become slave states.
  • Harpers Ferry Incident

    John Brown and a few abolitionists stormed a US armory.
  • The Election of 1860

    Abe was elected president. He was from the north and it made the south angry.
  • South Carolina Secession

    First state to sucede and it showed that there was a chance more states would do the same.
  • Formation of the Confederate States of America

    Jefferson Davis was elected the CSA President. South became tere own country.
  • Fort Sumter

    Very large and very important battle in the American Civil War.