Events leading up to the Revolutionary War

  • Sugar Act

    During the French and Indian War they created a system that made the colonies pay their administrative costs. They were reinstituting the navigation acts and colonists were used to not paying the taxes and smuggling. This was like a redo of the molasses act of 1733. \ The red tape bond was also done here saying nothing could be loaded onto a ship unless it had the bond.This also led smugglers to England and were given a trial without a jury
  • Currency Act

    This was mostly for virginia who was in debt, the act banned using paper money for currencyto control inflation but just made the colonists mad. This made it hard to pay off debt and frced prices down after the war when businesses were declining
  • Stamp Act

    Stamp Act
    first direct tax designed to raise 60 thousand pounds. This required them to pay a tax on every single peice of paper ( cards, documents, mail). This made the colonists mad because it really wasn't about collecting money but instead just regulating their lives
  • Repeal of the stamp act

    Taxation without rpresentation caused lots of colonists to not like the stamp act and ended up protesting it. They erected statues of the king and didn't honor them, after all the protests they got rid of the stamp act but created another
  • Declaratory act

    Declaratory act
    The same day the stamp act was repealed the Declaratory act went into effect.This gave parliament the right to give authority to all the colonists in all cases. This also allowed the british to tax the colonists the same way they were being taxed in england