Events Leading To the Civil War

By Slicx
  • Missouri Compromise

    Define- Maine became free, Missouri a slave state. Defined 36/30 line as slaver line
    Sig.- Balanced slave and free states. Created a boundary for slavery
  • Tariff of Abominations

    Define- A time period betwenn 1824-1828 where tariffs were raised. of course this made Southeners ferious
    Sig.- This eventually led to the nullification theory. Meaing that if any law passed by Congressis thought unconstitutional by the state, they could nullify it
  • Wilmont Proviso

    Define- A ban to slavery in territory gained from Mexico
    Sig.- Showed that Abe was deffinently not in favor of slavery
  • Free-Soil Party

    Define- A political party formed by Notheners who opposed slavery
    Sig.- Help stop the spread of slavery
  • Compromise of 1850

    Define- 5 laws passed by Millard Filmore in support of Henry Clay's plan
    Sig.- To kind of balance out slavery
  • Fugitive Slave Act

    Define- Imposed heavy penalties on a person who aided run-away slaves or who blocked or refused to help in their capture
    Sig.- Made it even harder for a slave to escape completely
  • Underground Railroad

    Define- A network of people who helped slaves escape to the North
    Sig.- How much Norttheners cared and how bad slaves hated being slaves
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin

    Define- A series of short stories about slaves posted for an anti-slavery newspaper by Harriet B. Stowe
    Sig.- It showed how Northeners sawslavery
  • Kansas-Nebraska Act

    Define- Allowed Kansas and Nebraska to vote slave or not
    Sig.- To balance out free and slave states
  • Republican Party

    Define- A political party formed in the 1850s to stop the spread of slavery in the West
    Sig.- Another party to stop slavery West because they kno the more slave states, the more power they will have
  • Know-Nothing Party

    Defin- A mid-1800s secret anti-immigration fraternal orginization
    Sig.- Stopping immigration
  • Sack of Lawrence

    Define- When a pro-slavery sheriff and about 80 men rode into Lawrence and during this they basically destroyed the town
    Sig.- Showed how bad they hated slavery
  • Pottawatomie Massacre

    Define- An incident in which abolitionist John Brown and 7 others men pulled 5 pro-slavery settlers out their cabin and executed them
    Sig.- Showed how some anti-slavery felt toward slavery
  • Election of 1856

    Define- Election between Democrats: Pierce, Douglas, and James Buchanan; Republicans: John Fremont; And Know-Nothings: Millard Filmore
  • Dred Scott Decision

    Define- African American not U.S Citizens, Missouri Compromise unconstitutional, Congress no right to band slavery in federal states
    Sig.- Showed that slaves were property not people
  • Freeport Docturine

    Define- Stephen A. Douglas reply to the Dred Scott Decision
    Sig.- Basically saying either slave or free, the UNion would eventually have to choose
  • Lincoln-Douglas Debates

    Define- 7 huge debates held in 1858 between Abraham Lincoln and Stephan A. Douglas
    Sig.- To show differences between the North and South
  • Harper Ferry Incident

    Define- John Brown tried to steal weapons and give them to the slaves for them to use to escape. he was caught and executed
    Sig.- Northeners didn't want anyone to help the slaves a=in any kind of way
  • Election of 1860

    Define- Basically Lincoln and Douglas goes at it again but this time for the presidency. Abe wins