Events Leading to the American Revolutionary War

  • First Continental Congress

    This is when the Americans all got together to discuss how they were supposed to get rid of the British. Many ideas were said, but one was chosen to be the thing that they would do: fight.
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    Events Leading to the American Revolutionary War

    Ever since the Colonists had left Britain, the king, 'King George the III', had been doing terrible things to them, such as: Passing very unfair laws, making them pay the worst taxes for the silliest stuff, make them house (or quarter) British soliders, and other things. Why won't the king just give up? The colonists already have so much in hand to do.
  • Proclamation of 1763

    Great Britain became furious with America, so, they passed a very unfair law that stated: "Thou must not pass to the Great Applation Mountains!". The colonists were angry with Britain, if they cant keep on moving onto the west, what will happen? Britain had the rights to make this a law, but America didnt think so.
  • Quartering Act of 1765

    Great Britain didnt become any better with the Colonists. Why wouldnt they just give in? This was tearing them both more, and more apart: They were foreced to house the British soliders. This angered the colonists greatly.
  • Stamp Act

    "They just wont give up, will they?" The British had passed another law! All papers - no matter what kind - had to be taxed. This was Britain's first tax towards the colonists'. There were many more taxes yet to come.
  • Boston Massacare

    This happened during the Quartering Act. The colonists got very disturbed by the British Soliders. Americans started throwing ice-chunks and snowballs at the Red-Coats. One day, while the Red-coated-soliders were standing in the 'Circle of Hatered', one young man admitted that he heard the battlecry: "Fire!"
    ... He did...
    5 men were killed, and, 6 men were wounded.
  • The Boston Tea Party

    After the Boston Massacare, the British had replaced the taxes. One of the taxes included the people of Boston's favorite tea! All citizens of the city were very enraged by this demand on money.
    A party was thrown in the happening of this law, and it was quite unusual.
    Where would it be thrown? On a ship.
    The costume idea? Native American.
    What would you do? Throw tea off of a boat.