events leading to civil war

  • wilmont proviso

    wilmont proviso
    congress tried to stop the spread of slavery.
    it failed but south is concerned
  • compromise of 1850

    compromise of 1850
    1. admission of california as a free state
    2. slaves being sold in d.c.
    3. Utah & new mexico being admitted as slave states
    4. fugitive Slave law during this time
  • fugitive slave law

    fugitive slave law
    to help slave owner recapture runaway slaves they managed to keep both sides satisfied
  • uncle tom's cabin

    uncle tom's cabin
    story calling an end o slavery
  • kansas nebraska act

    kansas nebraska act
    people in the territories could decide for them selves. whether thier state state allow slavery people began fleeding into kansas & nebraska
  • bleeding kansas

    bleeding kansas
    a bunch of people got shot
    proslavery an abolitionist fought each other small civil war went down in kansas
  • Dred scott

    Dred scott
    dred scott was a slave ( master died )
    sued for his freedom but he was a slave sooooo
    he was not considered a citizen but property
    tension rises between northern an southern states
  • lincoln and douglas debate

    lincoln and douglas debate
    dont want slavery to exspand to new states
  • harpers ferry

    harpers ferry
    john brown seized the federal arsenal there plan was ti stir up slavery and revolt in the virginia and end slavery
  • election of 1860

    election of 1860
    the voters in 1860 voted mostley on which section of the country that in the lincoln promised to keep slavery from spreading in to the new territories & lincoln won the election
  • fort sumter

    fort sumter
    north has a fort that that is in south carolina , south opens up fire on the north