Events in music

  • Teleharmonium Created

    Teleharmonium Created
    invented by Thaddeus Cahill. Weighed 7 tons
  • Dynamophone Goes Public

    Dynamophone Goes Public
    First public preformance of the dynaophone also known as the teleharmonium created by Thaddeus Cahill.
  • acustic noise generators

    acustic noise generators
    Luigi Russolo and Filippo Tommaso Marinetti give the first concert of Futurist music, complete with 'intonarumori' (acoustic noise generators) in Milan.
  • record manipulation

    Darius Milhaud experiments with record manipulation to create music.
  • Theremin

    Lev Termen (Léon Theremin) completes the Aetherophone (later named the Theremin).
  • Ondes Martenot

    Ondes Martenot
    Maurice Martenot builds the Ondes Martenot (first called the Ondes Musicales).
  • Electronicly generated sounds

    Paul Hindemith and Ernst Toch experiment with electronically generated sounds at the Hochschule für Musik in Berlin which took an early decision to facilitate a research program in the manipulation of phonograph records.
  • Trautonium

    Friedrich Trautwein completes the Trautonium
  • Rhythmicon for Henry Cowell

    Rhythmicon for Henry Cowell
    Léon Theremin completes the Rhythmicon for Henry Cowell who commissioned it - a machine to play musical rhythms with the same relationships as the overtone series.
  • Variophone

    Yevgeny Alexandrovitch Sholpo develops the Variophone, using sound waves drawn onto transparent 35mm film to control the generation of sounds via photo-electric cells
  • Hammond Organ

    Laurens Hammond develops the Hammond Electric Organ.
  • Electroni Sackbut

    Electroni Sackbut
    Hugh Le Caine begins developing the Electronic Sackbut electronic instrument.
  • tape recorder

    tape recorder
    GRM creates the a three-head tape recorder permitting the synchronization of three tapes, the first synchronized polyphonic multitrack playback.

    Musical Instrument Digital Interface
  • First Lapt Top Orchestra

    Huddersfield experimental laptop orchestra. First one in the world.