events in Chinese history that influenced literature

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In History
  • 1,400 BCE

    earliest evidence

    The earliest evidence of Chinese writing is found on Shang oracle bones. This type of system of writing is known as pictographs.
  • -551 BCE


    Confucius teaches about ethical values such as honesty and respect for elders. He writes teachings for his disciples in Analects.
  • -500 BCE

    the book of odes

    The shih ching, the first anthology of Chinese poetry is complied. the published poems spread though out Asia.
  • -330 BCE

    Taoist philosopher

    Taoist philosopher Chuang tzu writes the Chuang tzu. Chuang tzu is next to the most translated book in history.
  • 100

    first chinese dictionary

    the first Chinese dictionary is composed in A.D 100. It was written by many older scholars.
  • 105


    The Chinese invented paper. Paper was a hit and used a lot for poetry paintings teachings important federal documents.
  • 220

    silk routes

    Silk roads opened up for trade. Stories were exchanged and expanded a way for literature.
  • 690

    poetry writing

    Poetry writing became required and mandatory for men. It was included in the civil service examination.