Events from june 28, 1919 to september 1, 1939

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  • meeting league of nations

    The Assembly of the League of Nations meets for the first time in Geneva, Switzerland. The US is notably absent, the Senate having voted against joining the League in November 1919.
  • beer hall putsch

    Adolf Hitler and General Ludendorf, a World War One hero, lead a small contingent of followers in a harmless, comical attempt at rebellion, for which Hitler is imprisoned for two years.
  • Samuel commission

    The Samuel Commission, under the Conservative government, releases a report which advises wage cuts for miners. The Triple Alliance responds by striking, which is emulated by many other industries in England to protest he Conservative government's policies.
  • The Spanish Monarchy is Overthrown and The Republic Is Born

    A provisional government is established to take Spain from monarchy to republicanism.
  • Hitler is Appointed Chancellor of Germany

    In an attempt to reel in the chaos of the German government, President Paul von Hindenburg declares Hitler chancellor, the first major step in Hitler's ascent to dictatorship.
  • The Munich Pact is Signed

    Britain and France appease Hitler by signing the Munich Pact, which grants Hitler control of the Czech Sudetenland.