Events Before the Civil War Timeline

  • The Missouri Compromise

     The Missouri Compromise
    Attempted to make the south and north agree on slavery's expansion. it divided the terrritory aquired from france "louisana territory" at the latitude 36 degrees 30 minutes. no more slave states were allowed the line. this was not a perminate soulution, it only made both sides happy for a short time.
  • War with Mexico

    War with Mexico
    Driven by the common term manifest destiny James k polk sought to take new mexico, part of texas, and california. The north didn't like this because they thought southerners were using this as an excuse to get more slave land. this came true after polk signed the treaty and recived more land south of the 36 30.
  • Wilmot's proviso and the southern senators

    Wilmot's proviso and the southern senators
    Congressmen david Wilmot proposed a law to ban all slavery from the territory won from mexico. southern senators voted to kill the law. with the south conrolling the senate they could ban any anti slavery laws. because of this, the south realized if the north gained control slavery would be abolished.
  • Fugitive Slave Act.

    Fugitive Slave Act.
    Part of the comromise of 1850 this encouraged slave owners to pursue run away slaves in the north.this stunned the north because there was no trail by jury and freed slaves were being sold back into slavery.
  • Kansas-Nebraska Act.

    Kansas-Nebraska Act.
    This Act repealed the missouri compromsise's prohibition of slavery north of the 36 30 line. and the south put forth a notion of popular sovereighty, which would allow there to be slavery in every state as long as people voted for it.
  • bleeding kansas

    bleeding kansas
    Border Ruffians crossed the border into kansas to not ler people vote fror free states and northerners brought rifles to settle the score. hundreds died for no reason. this showed that no compromise could be made.
  • creation of the Republican party

    creation of the Republican party
    After bleeding kansas the north was fed up and created the new republican party. its purpose was to restrict slavery from all territories. and with this came the breakdown of the two party system. The south took this as a decloration of war.
  • Breakdown of the two party system

    Breakdown of the two party system
    As the democratic party increasingly represented the intreasts of the south breakown of the two party system began to take place. since having two parties always promoted compromise in american politics, this signaled the end to north and south working together.
  • Congressman preston brooks beats Senator charles sumner

    Congressman preston brooks beats Senator charles sumner
    Violence extended into the us congress over the issue of slavery, demonstrating how the issue of slavery became increasingly violent that even the goverment and congress began to fight over slavery
  • Supreme Court Ruling on Dred Scott Case

    Supreme Court Ruling on Dred Scott Case
    The Supreme court ruled that congress could not restrict slavery in any territory. this help the south by nullifying both the missouri compromise and the kansas/nebraska act.
  • The novel Uncle tom's Cabin

    The novel Uncle tom's Cabin
    This novel became one of the best sellers of all time and changed the northern opinoins on slavery because of the horrific ways masters treated thier slaves, and the phychological brutalities of breaking up families
  • Illinois election

    Illinois election
    Abraham lincoln and Stephen Douglas engaged in a very popular debate. Lincoln argued that america could not continue with half slave states and half free. Douglas argued for popular sovereignty
  • Slave Revolt John Brown

    Slave Revolt John Brown
    Northerner john brown provided slaves with weapons to kill their masters. it failed miserably and the only one to die was a slave. tensions grew between south and north
  • 1860 Presidential Election

    1860 Presidential Election
    In the election Abramham Lincoln defeated Breackinridge because of the norths greater population. The north now controlled the goverment and restrict slavery. The south had a desision to make leave the union or give up slavery/