European Colonization

By DeDe16
  • Period: Sep 8, 1492 to

    European Colonization

    During this time period the Spanish, French, and English colonized North America
  • Jun 9, 1534

    Jacque Cartier sailed the St. Lawrence

    Although he couldn't travel up the river all the way to Asia, Cartier had in fact discovered an important waterway into the vast areas of Canada.
  • Period: Sep 8, 1538 to Sep 8, 1541

    Hernando de Soto exploration to north america

    Him and his man traveled 5,000 miles to the US they were in search of riches and glory.
  • Sep 8, 1540


    Was serving as governor of an important province in New Spain (Mexico) when he heard reports of the so-called Seven Golden Cities located to the north.
  • Sep 8, 1564

    Spanish established St. Augustine, Florida

    Built on the site of an ancient Native American village, and near the place where Ponce de Leon
  • Attempted Roanoke Colony

    12 people were sent by Queen Elizabeth to discover this new land
  • Period: to

    Fur trade

    World wide industray with the sale trade animal fur
  • Jamestown, Virginia founded

    100 memeber of the Virginia found the first settlement
  • Samuel de Champlain

    He is important to Canadian history because he made the first accurate map of the coast and he helped establish the settlements.
  • Juan de Onate founded Santa Fe

    He was granted by King Philip II to colonize the northern farther.
  • John Rolfe

    Introduced to bacco to the people, he had got a seed from the caribbeans and brought it back to Viriginia
  • First African slaves arrived in Virginia

    20 colored people came to Virginia from the white lion (a ship)
  • Plymouth, Massachusetts founded

    Instead it reached the shores of what is today known as Cape Cod, Massachusetts
  • Beaver war

    Encouraged and armed by their Dutch and English trading partners, the Iroquois sought to expand their territory and monopolize the fur trade and the trade between European markets and the tribes of the western Great Lakes region.
  • South Carolina

    South Carolina was the 7th state to ratify the U.S constitution
  • Maequette and Joliet

    Sailed the mississippi river my accident was meant to go to china
  • The Pueblo Revolt

    Pueblo Idians rose against the Spainsh
  • Pennsylvania Colony founded

    was founded in English North America
  • Georgia Colony founded

    Founded By: James Oglethorpe.
  • Columbus

    Columbus incountred the new world