Europe in the middle-ages

By gage13
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    Athenian Democracy and Roman Rupublic

    The Athenian Democracy meant that whenever they had a issue they got all the adult men together to discuss the issue. The Roman Republic was were they voted for representitive to govern them.
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    Middle Ages

    The middle ages is were a lot of things happened its were tons of evention are made and the crusades, renaissance, age of exploration, and the protestant reformation happened
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    The Crusades happened in the m
  • Judaism

    1700's BC is when the religion Judaism began (the first Monthiestic religion). Israelites are the founders of jeudaism. Judaism is the religion that believes one day a mussia will one day come and end the days of hardship and that once u die u go to a better place if u spent your life well, or if u didnt spend it well u will go to a worse place
  • Cristianity

    Cristinity is the beleife that Jesus was the mussia and that the great things were soon to come because a lot more people new of cristianity.