Europe before World War I Timeline

  • Period: to

    imperialism scramble for Africa

    European states raced to claim African Land, created conflict. Bismarck sought to settle disputes between nations, didnt want to jeopardize the peaceful setting of Germany.
  • Period: to

    The Dual Monarchy (Austria-Hungary)

    1870-1880 the Dual Monarchy is very Pro-German
  • Period: to

    Rivalry between Austria Hungary and Russia

    AH and Russia disputed for control over the Balkans. Bismarckian Policy sought to mediate the differences between the two, (aka Dual Alliance and Reinsurance Treaty)
  • Period: to

    Disraeli was in office in Great Britain

    Gladstone secceded him in 1880, they were the chancellor of chancellors
  • Period: to

    Bismarckian Foreign Policy of Isolation

    Bismarck focused on maintaining Germany's strength through isolation during the 1870s
  • Period: to

    Great Britain- in splendid isolation

    Britain comes out of speldid isolation after the South African war and tensions in Africa with the French errupted.
  • Period: to

    Bismarck Chancellor of Germany

    Bismarck strives to preserve German interests, and isolate French
    "a trois in a Europe of Five powers" Bismarck wanted to allign with 2 of the 5 most powerful nations in Europe: France, GB, Russia, AH and Germany
  • Period: to

    Bismarck's Liberal Phase

  • Period: to

    German and France Tensions (Rival nations)

    The tension between Germany and France began when Germany conquered Alsasce Loraine after the Franco-Prussian War. The tensions continue as Bismarck's foreign policy revolves around isolated France...
  • "A new Giant in its midst" Germany Unified

    German just defeated France, and became a great power in Europe
  • Period: to

    League of Three Emperors (part 1)

    Alliance Between Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia--- military agreements, promising to aid any party attacked by outside power
  • Period: to

    Bismarck's Conservative period

  • Dual Alliance was created

    Alliance between Germany and Austria Hungary. Each would aid the other if they are attacked by Russia in particular, or If Russia helps another country attack them **Remember that France is always in the back of Germany’s mind
  • Period: to

    League of Three Emperor's Renewal

    3 Powers agreed to remain neutral in the event of one of their number going to war with a fourth power , AH and Russia acknowledge their spheres of influence in the Balkans
  • Triple Alliance

    Alliance between Italy, Germany, Austria Hungary. The triple alliance offers mutural support between nations.
  • Reinsurance Treaty

    • Promised each other to stay neutral in a war with a third country unless Germany attacked France, or Russia attacked Austria- Hungary.
    • It’s a secret.
  • The First Mediterranean Agreement

    The First Mediterranean Agreement (Britain and Italy, subsequently adhered to by Austria [24 March] and Spain [4 May]) was an exchange of notes rather than a treaty; terms: maintenance of the status quo in the Mediterranean, including the Adriatic, Aegean, and Black Seas; British and Italian policies to be mutually supporting in Egypt and North Africa; the agreement(s) provided a basis for common action in the event of a disturbance in the Mediterranean by France or Russia.
  • Bismarck is removed from Chancellor

    Wilhem felt threatened by Bismarck, removed him from power
  • Russia and France relations strengthen

    German/Russian Alliance Falls apart, Russia relies on France for loan
  • Period: to

    Wilhelm's Wetpolitik policy

    Wetpolitik- Germany should spread her influence to get her "place in the sun", Welhelm suggested that Morocco be evaluated for Germany interests, but France had stepped in 1905 to claim the territory.Germany continued to threaten France but GB supported the French.
  • Period: to

    Tensions increasing in the Balkans (nationalism)

    the balkans represented a number of ethnic groups reffered to as slavs, nationalism drove them to striving towards freedom
  • Franco-Russian Alliance Created

    Russia says that they will fight if Germany attacks France. France says that if Germany attacks Russia, they will fight. (Note the dates)
  • Russian Japanese War

    The Geramns encouraged Russia to go to war with Japan to take the attention off of them... Part of German Kaiser's plan to maintain Prussia's influence
  • The Entente Cordiale of 1904

    Resulted when GB emerged from isolation. The UK and France agreed to settle disputes in Africa, did NOT contain any military agreements
  • Great Britain's Alliance with Japan

    GB emerged from slendid isolation around 1904. Made an Alliance with Japan... With Japan came the "white dominions" of Canada, Australia and New Zeland who were automatically comitted to war if GB was attacked.
  • The Dreadnought HMS was created

    the technology used is another sign of militarism. GB exhibited her military advancements through this new type of naval equipment.
  • Triple Entente was created

    Alliance between Great Britain, France, Russia.Response to the renewal of the Triple Alliance that took place in 1907. Settling past colonial differences in Persia, Tibet, Afghanistan. British do not commit to any binding military action.
  • The Triple Entente emerged

    the Entente Cordiale morphed into the Triple Entente: Great Britain, France, Russia: Response to the renewal of the Triple Alliance that took place in 1907. Settling past colonial differences in Persia, Tibet, Afghanistan. British do not commit to any binding military action.
  • The Balkan League

    The Ottoman Empire was weakening, the baltic nations saw this as a chance for upheval and freedom. Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece and Montenegro are stronger united together.
  • First Balkan War

    War between the Baltic War and Turkey, Turkey was defeated and they lost european possesions.
  • Increased Military Preparation (Militarism)

    After the Balkan crisis, there is a new level of extreme tension between France and Germany, both began to increase their military preparation
  • Militarism in Europe by 1914

    by the end of the 19th century, European naitons has the largest militaries that they had ever had. Leaders believed that military build up was how to avoid military conflict. --Deterrence
  • Second Baltic War

    Bulgaria's attempt to claer Macedonia of Serbian and Greek control. Bulgaria lost, and Serbia came out on top
  • Industrial growth

    By 1914, Europe has grown dramatically in its industrialization. Inustrial factors will determine the nature of WW1. Historians believed that economic power equated to military power.
  • Franz Ferdinand assasinated

    Austria Hungary's Prime minister Ferdinand was assasinated by Serbia's terrorit Princip
  • Period: to

    July Crisis

    Aaustria Hungary's Ferdinand was shot by the serbian terrorist Princip of the Black Hand. Serbia was offered an ultamtum, accepted. But AH declared war on Serbia July 28.
  • Russia moves to defend Serbia

    Russia chose to defend Serbia after Austria Hungary declared war. Russia sent forces to its southern borders.
  • Austria Hungary Declares war on Serbia