Ethics in Psychology

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  • 6,500 BCE

    Headache? Depression? Demons??

    Headache? Depression? Demons??
    Medical "professionals" used to drill or burr a hole into an individuals skull if they showed signs of being unusual or possessed. This process was known as, trepanation. Trepanning was thought to release the illness or demon.
  • Nuremberg

    The Nuremberg code set the standards for all ethical codes when conducting psychological experiments on a human.
  • APA

    In 1953 the final draft of the APA's ethics and code of conduct was finished. A major revision was completed in 2002 with other patches to it throughout the years.
  • The Tearoom Study

    The Tearoom Study
    Researcher Laud Humphreys experiment in which he pretended to be a homosexual. He would sneak into homosexual clubs and other social congregations to study what went on behind closed doors.
  • Bolster the ideology

    Bolster the ideology
    The National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research published the Belmont Report which further harped on the ethics and conduct that must be imposed on humans.