Ethan Hanna's timeline

  • Birth Day

    Birth Day
    Today is the day Ethan Micheal Hanna was born
  • Moving

    Today i moved to my second house on School Lane
  • First day of school

    First day of school
    Today is the day i have my first day of elementry school!
  • My first cat

    My first cat
    Todqay is the day i found my cat on my back porch
  • my trumpit

    my trumpit
    Today is the day that i started trumpit for school
  • baseball championship

    baseball championship
    Today i won the SAA baseball championship on the redsocks.
  • Kingswood camp

    Kingswood camp
    Today is the dayi started kingswood camp with my brother in New Hampshire
  • karate

    Today i started karate
  • middle school

    middle school
    oday i started my fist day in 6th grade
  • Ohio

    Today is the start of a 1 1/2 week trip to Ohio