Establishing English Colonies in America

  • First English Expedition to Roanoke

    John White traveled to Roanoke, an island off of North Carolina. Later, he became governor of Roanoke and brought more settlers.
  • Defeat of the Spanish Armada

    For religious and national power is how Spain and England clashed. With only smaller crafts England showed power in their success.
  • King James the First of England granted charters.

    When Railegh failed to finance he lost investment. the English learned and turned into a joint -stock company. Where King James the First granted charters.
  • John Smith and other English settlers Establlish Jamestown.

    Virgina Company of London financed an expedition Chesapeake Bay with 100 colonists. Thats when that name the first
    English settlement Jamesown. They had hardships like diseases called moleria ,also drinkin water, and climate where most of them died
  • 38 colonists ramained alive.

    From the hardships endured the colonists started dying. Then John Smith took over an said, "He that will not work will not eat. This method worked and the Powhatan tribe traded their corn with the colonists.
  • John Smith injured in a gun powered fight.

    After the injury John Smith went back to England and 800 settlers arrived. Between growing tensions Native Americans stoped trading food. Which started the "starving time".
  • Starving time ended.

    During the starving time colonists ate rats, mice, and snakes. Only 60 were still alive. The Lord Deva War became governor made discipline and ended the "starving time".
  • African Americans arrives in Jamestown. House of Burgesses.

    Africans were to be indentured servants. After time they"ll make their own land. To provide for local control Virgina Company at known started Housse of Burgesses.
  • Powhatan killed Jamestown residents.

    There was uneasy peace. The colonists learned how to grow corn, catch fish, and fowl. But tobacco plantation took over Powhatan land. Then Powhatan in result killed hundreds of Jamestown colonists.
  • Bacons Rebellion

    Since Nathaniel Bacon and a group of landless frontier were in