13 colonies map

Establishing English Colonies in America

By nianjat
  • Colonies Return to England

    Colonies Return to England
    The colonies returned back to England in 1586. The natives were helping the colonists get food, But the natives relized the colonists wanted their land, so they cut off their food supply and they returned back to England.
  • Defeat of the Spanish Armada

    Defeat of the Spanish Armada
    England began directing its resourses towards building colonies after the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588. This event was importanat because, the Spanish Armada was known for being the most powerful during this time.
  • Jamestowm is Founded!

    Jamestowm is Founded!
    100 colonists sailed up the James River until they found a spot to settle. They named the settlement Jametown in honro of King James.
  • 38 colonists remained alive :(

    38 colonists remained alive :(
    John Smith, who is a soldier and an adventurer took control over jamestown. He ordered an exsisting walll extended around Jamestown.
  • The Starving Time

    The Starving Time
    The Powhatan natives stopped trading food and attacked the settelers. During this time time the settlers reached canabolism, they also ate rats and snakes.
  • Devlopment of Tobacco

    Devlopment of Tobacco
    John rolfe developed a tabacco trade that the colonists learned to grow. It become very popular in England.