Establishing English Colonies in America

  • First English Expedition to Roanoke

    First English Expedition to Roanoke
    John White traveled to Roanoke, an island off of North Carolina. Later, he became govenor of Roanoke and brought more settlers.
  • English defeated Spanish Armada.

    English defeated Spanish Armada.
    The English defeated the fearsome fleet of Spanish ships, called the Spanish Armada, in 588. This inspired English to take control of land in America as the Spanish had. They beleived that they could be powerful too. The Spanish Armada that once had terrorized was wiped away by brave Englishmen!
  • Viginia is Granted Charters

    Viginia is Granted Charters
    A charter (a written grant by a country's legislative or sovereign power by which a city is created) is granted to Virginia Company of London and Virginia Company of Plymouth by King James the First.
  • Jamestown is Founded

    Jamestown is Founded
    Jamestown is the first official English Colony, named after the Kinga who granted the charter, King James. At a point in time this colony failed for quite a while then John Smith took control of the colony and it grew.
  • Jamestown Starving Time Begins

    Jamestown Starving Time Begins
    Although some conspiritors beleive this was a hoax, Jamestown residents were too much focused on their hunt for gold then their hunt for food. Rather then tending to crops and creating shelters, colonists ignored this and later in the winter suffered the regret of their past decisions. Colonists were so weak from starvation, many ate whatever they could find, boots, cats, dogs, and even other fellow colonists or even themselves! Others laid themselves in their grave, waiting for death.
  • The Development of Tobacco

    The Development of Tobacco
    After John Rolfe developed tabacco, Virginia's first cash crop. Virginia began trading and selling this for profit but soon this will grow so big that Virginia will need some assistance such as slaves.
  • The House of Burgesses

    The House of Burgesses
    The House of Burgesses was the first assembly of elected represenatives of English colonists in North America. Established by the Virginia Company, to encourage English craftsmen to settle in North America.
  • African American Slaves and Laborers arrive in Jamestown

    African American Slaves and Laborers arrive in Jamestown
    Many African Americans soon arrived to North America to tend to the newly developed tabacco feilds and many other duties to the colonists. This is thought to have sparked African American slavery, rasicm and segregation for the future.
  • Carnage in Jamestown

    Carnage in Jamestown
    English Colonists came to Virgnia and fought Natives and other colonists. At the end of 1670's only one fourth of white men were free.
  • Bacon's Rebellion

    Bacon's Rebellion
    When Virginia ovenor, William Berkley, refuses to retaliate to Native American attacks, 29-year-old Nathaniel Bacon takes matters into his own hands and leads a rebellion of many people inclusing former indentured servents, poor white, slaves, and many farmers.