Ernest Hemingway

  • Bubonic Plague in India

  • Period: to

    The 1920's

  • Reporter for Toronto Star

  • Extreme Inflation in Germany

  • Hemingway marries Elizabeth Hadley Richardson

    She turns out to be the first of four wives
  • Hemingways set sail for Paris, France

  • Insulin was Discovered

  • The conservative Supreme Court strikes down federal child labor legislation.

  • Hemingway's first book, Three Stories and Ten Poems, is published

  • The Ku Klux Klan reaches the height of its influence in America

    : by the end of the year it will claim 9 million members. It will decline drastically in 1925, however, after financial and moral scandals rock its leadership.
  • Supreme Court rules that trade organizations do not violate anti-trust laws as long as some competition survives

  • Ernest Hemingway meets F. Scott Fitzgerald

  • The top tax rate is lowered to 25 percent

    the lowest top rate in the eight decades since World War I.
  • Hemingway's first novel, The Sun Also Rises, is published

  • Ernest Hemingway divorces Elizabeth Hadley

  • he marries Pauline Pfeiffer, a fashion writer

  • The construction boom is over.

  • Farmers' share of the national income has dropped from 15 to 9 percent since 1920.

  • Hemingway moved to a house in Key West

  • Sliced Bread Invented

  • More than half of all Americans are living below a minimum subsistence level.

  • Automobile sales decline by a third in the nine months before the crash.

  • Construction down $2 billion since 1926.

  • Car Radio Invented

  • A Farewell to Arms is published

  • . Investors call October 29 "Black Tuesday." Losses for the month will total $16 billion, an astronomical sum in those days.