Eras 10 & 11 Cold War & Vietnam

  • Period: to

    Truman Presidency

    Democrat, known for dropping 1st atomic bomb on japan, Cold War, & Korean War (1950-1953)
  • Potsdam Conferrence

    In Potsdam Germany, to discuss what to do with post-WWII peoples. 3 countries reps there-> Truman (USA), Stalin (USSR), & Winston Churchill (UK). Decisions: Vietnam=Divide (temporarily at 17th parelell. Germany=Denazification, Demilitarization, Democratization, decentralization, Germany is divded into 4, with Berlin divided in 2(earlier agreed upon in Yalta conference) Poland=USSR pays to restore.
    -Potsdam Declaration->Guidelines for japan to surrender with
    Truman tells stalin US has atomic bomb
  • Iron Curtain Speech

    Winstone Churchill (prime minister of UK) announces divide in E & N Europe because of an iron curtain drawn by Stalin "Start of the Cold war" to many historians
  • National Security Act Passes

    Creates National Council, Department of Defense, Air Force & CIA.
  • Poland seized, truman doctrine written

    $$$ given to Greece & Turkey so they can fight off communism.
  • Period: to

    Loyalty Oaths/Red Scare

    -comparable to the salem witch trials/the crucible
    -People are scared of Communist spies in US
    -think spies will undermime US g'vt
    -HUAC (House of Un-American Activities Committee) investigates people-must give oath that you're loyal
    -Legality of it is questions in Garner v. Board of Public Works.
    -black listed if you refuse to give oatg, 2 people are executed.
    -See McCarthyism, ends bc McCarthy makes fool of self on TV
  • Czechoslovakia is almost taken over by communist czech coup.

    Shocks the West, Effect:Marshall Plan created
  • Marshall Plan

    -Proposed by General George Marshall.
    -Money to W Europ to help contain communism.
    -Why? Remeber europe is trashed from 2 world wars, communism is refuge (Communal health care, food, no social classes, etc.), appealing. Idea w/ marshall plan is fueling W european economy makes communism less appealing.
  • Berlin Blockade

    The soviets get really mad that the US side of berlin is more popular and are scared that containment is legitimately working, so USSR blocks USA out of Berlin so their half starves and dies.
  • Berlin Airlift begins

    US air liftts food, water & medical supplies to USSR to protect the democratic side.
    Berlin i trade/political site.
  • NATO is establihed

    North Atlantiic Treaty Organization
    Protection for all USA & W Europe (ant communist)
    Inspires USSR to create Warsaw Pact
    -US,Belgium,W Germany,Netherlands,Luxembourg,France,UK, Canada,Portugal,Italy,normany,denmark,iceland
    If any are attacked, rest will go to war to protect.
    -later we help Vietnam create SEATO (SE Asia)
    Basically, if anyone strikes it's a world war now. War gets colder, more intense. (both sides have nuclears at this point).
    NATO still exists today. (lasting effect)
  • China falls to communism

    -US tries to fight back, FAILS.
    -THe anti-communist chinese move and create the country of taiwan. -Some scary shit for americans because "democracy was losing, USSR was winning"
  • Period: to


    Mass Hysteria
    Senator Joseph McCarthy claims to have ist of unnamed communist spies/sympahthizers
    Effects: Red Scare, Loyalty Oath, Blacklists,
    Is televized, begins to accuse big political figures, is made a fool, ends.
  • NSC-68

    Decision to make containment a high priority.
    When signed in 1950 was secret.
    Declassified in 1975
  • Period: to

    Korean War

    UN conflict, war never declared. N Korea crosses 38 parelell to make Korea 100% communist, US sends troops to defend boarder (containment) Gen. MacArthur goes past 38th to make korea 100% anticommunist (then ike fires him), China goes to fight that back. Korea ends at orginal N/S border (38th parelell). UN team (UK, US, USSR, China, Fr.) are split 50% on war/no war, never declare it.
  • Period: to

    Eisenhower (Ike) Presidency

    34th pres. Ends Korean war, Cold war guy, containment. Eisenhower Doctrine
  • US sponsors overthrow of Iran Government

    -Shah becomes in charge (MONARCHY)
    -US is no longer pro-democracy, they're anti-communist
  • US Overthrows communist ruler in Guatemala

    Castro is democratically elected. Raises a question among historians, what if a communist is elected democratically?
    Same as Iran, We're supporting anti-communism, not democracy.
  • Geneva Accords

    The Geneva Conference took place in Switzerland and it's purpose was too unify vietnam and possibility of restoring peace in Indochina. It was made up of the Soviet Union, The United States, France, the United Kingdom, and People's Republic of China. (later on couldnt ever decide if vietnam was a war-never declared it)
  • SEATO is established

    See NATO
    Southeast Asian Treaty Organization. Protection from Anti-communism.
    Australia, New Zealand, Phillipines, Thailand, UK, US, Pakistan (Including E pakistan, now Bangladesh) & France
    If any are attacked, others will go to war to protect them
    Anti communist
    -Angers USSR who makes Warsaw pact one year later
  • Warsaw Pact is Established

    -See NATO & SEATO
    -USSR is jelly of those two, makes their own protection version.
    -Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, E Germany, Poland, Hungary, Romania, USSR, Albania.
    -If any are attacked, rest will go to war to protect them
  • Ike & Nikita Khrushchev meet

    try to talk out of cold war
  • Red Army Crushes Hungarian revolution

    Hungary becomes communist
  • Suez Crisis

    Egyptian takes suez canal, England and France are ready to war over it. US attacks because Egypt is communist & therefore suez is gain of USSR?
  • Sputnik is launched

    -1st thing in space (atmosphere)
    -Really starts Arms/Space race
    -Mass Fear in US (thought had missile)
    -US loser version=Flopniks & Caputniks
  • Military-industrial complex speech

    Eisenhower basically was like: Guys I failed and you're in deep shit, heightened US fears of soviet bombing & Communist takeover

    "it's not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country"
    Reprents the ideology of the youth of America
  • Period: to

    John F Kennedy Presidency

    Cuban Missile Crisis, Bay of Pigs
  • Bay of Pigs

    Plan to overthrow Cuban Governtment
    Poorly planned-started with ike and lost stregnth is president change
    Total US embarrassment
  • Period: to

    Vietnam War

    -War goes a Few months before and After but this is US involvement
    -The US lost the vietnam war, Led to many protests & Poor US morale
    -Pentagon Papers tested 1st Ammendment
    -SCARY for american people, buddist monks set selves on fire
    -Draft led many men into jail (muhammed ali) or left for Canada
    -Contientious objects became legit excuse (Quakers, Amish, menonites) later changes to non religious
    -Americanization=Ike's plan to get US into war, (vs. Vietnamization=Nixon's plan to get US out)
  • Period: to

    Lyndon B Johnson Presidency

    -"War On Poverty" (Medicaire/Medicaid, Head Start, Job Core)
    -Civil Rights
    -Vietnam War
  • Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

    "Blank Check" for LBJohnson from Congress
    Can send however many troops possible for containment and whatever to SouthEast Asia (Vietnam--or I guess IndoChina, Whatever floats your boat)
  • Tet Offensive

    Military Campaign that was launched by Viet Cong and North Vietnam against the United States and South Vietnam. Campaign of Surprise attacks.
  • My Lai Massacre

    A Unit of Charlie Company slaughtered between 200 and 500 villagers in the hamlet of My Lai. The unit was led by Lieutenant William Calley. The were ordered to enter the village firing
    US doesn't know about massacre, adds to anti war rage
  • Period: to

    Dick Nixon's Presidency

    -Detente (USSR/China/USA=economic pals again)
    -Watergate:Break in of DNC headquaters by CREEP.
    -Pentagon Papers
    -Racist--Anti Semite
    -"Imperial President"
  • War Powers Act

    Law intended to check president's power to commit the United States to an armed conflict without consent of Congress. It was violated in the past but was finally passed in November 7th.
  • South Vietnam surrends and vietname falls to communism

    -US lost vietnam war.