Era 1: Early Colonial America

  • First Colony:roanoke

    "The Lost Colony"
    All kinds of drama about canabalism and stuff but they most likely starved to death.
  • Period: to

    Salutatory Neglect

    -Britian doesn't have time to tax (or care about) colonies
    -Ends because of French of Indian War Debt
    -Leads to a bunch of taxes (See timeline #2)
    -"The beginning of the end"
  • Jamestown Founded

    -Virginia Stock Compamy settles it
    -Saved from hunger because farmed tobacco--the first cash crop
  • Slave trade begins in US

    Mainly to Harvest tobacco
    Triangle trade
  • Mayflower Compact

    -Rules and stuff written on boat by the soon-to-be-colonists
    -Only the males sign it (But that's to be expected)
    -Mayflower settles to create the Plimouth Colony, Later becomes the Massachussets Bay Colony
    -seta up basic government plan
    -"Government should derive their power from the desires of the governed, Not God" (THIS IS A BIG DEAL)
  • Harvard is established

    -College in Mass.
    -Supposed to teach people to become clergymen
    -Education=important to be able to read bible
  • King Phillip's War

    -King Phillip= Colonist name for indian cheif Metacomet
    -New England V Native Americans for land
    -Many attacks in MA.
    -War ends when Metacomet Dies
  • Bacon's Rebellion

    -Nathaniel Bacon, a wealtung planter, and other westerners were against the colonial government
    -The westerners resented Governor Berkeley's pledge to stay out of Native American territory
    -Bacon led the angry westerners in attacks on Natives' villages.
    -showed weakness in Royal appointed governor style government
    -Compare to Whisky & Shay rebellion
  • Salem Witch Trial

    -Girls claim to be bewitched,
  • English Bill of Rights Signed

    The English Bill of Rights was signed. This states that we have rights to protect freedoms of religion, speech, a free press, free assembly, and free association
  • Georgia is founded-the last of 13 colonies

    Not much to say about this
    cash croppers
  • 1st Great Awakening

    -George Whitefield helped spread a religious revival.
    -helped spread Chrisitianity,
    -Focus o your soul