EPQ- Dealines, progress, target dates

By csnape2
  • Mid-Project Review Hand-in

  • Visit to Nottingham University Library

  • Period: to

    EPQ Timelog

  • Return to School

  • Citation Introduction

    School librarian presented to us a powerpoint introducing us to the idea of citation- how, when and its importance.
  • Record of Initial Planning Complete

    First part of my project completed and handed to supervisor, having discussed it with him and collated my first thoughts on where I would like to take my project.
  • Project Proposal A: Hand-in

  • Dragon's Den Presentation

    Provided an opportunity to do a mock presentation, despite early stages of project, and also exposed weaker areas to the project that needed reviewing.
  • Planning Review- Hand- in

  • Interview with Brian Snape

    Record of interview content made in notebook.
  • Mid-Project Review- Hand-in (missed)

    I was unable to complete this section given my progress at the time but reset a much more acheivable deadline of Jan 13th
  • Source review and analysis

    Completed an in depth review of my resource bank which allowed to filter off any irrelevant/ unreliable sources. I now am left with the refined bank of information which I will use to evidence my ideas.
  • Project Plan

  • Mid-project Review

  • End-of-Project Review- Complete

  • 1st Draft Complete

    Completed successfully over the half-term period
  • Summary Page

  • Presentation

  • Presentation Record

  • Reflection- Complete

  • Production Log Submission