• 27th Amenment

    prohibits any law that increases or decreases the salary of members of Congress from taking effect until the start of the next set of terms of office for Representatives
  • cornelius vanderbilt

    he took interest in rail roads during the 1850s serving on the board of directors of the eric railway the new york and harlem , and many others . He began his buisness by ferrying freight and passengers between staten island and manhatten . he owned the hudson river streamer . at the age of 16 vanderbilt decide to strat his own ferry service . He was an american tycoon buisness man and philanthropist who built his wealth in rail roads and shipping ,
  • Period: to

    North River Steamboat

    invented replace sailboats
    greatly improved the transport of materials good and people
    powered by coal
    New marine disel engine met requirements yet they continue to large amounts of pulltion in the air contributes to serious health problems
    burning coal has a polluting efect on the enviornment .
  • Period: to

    New immigration

    the natinal orgins formula was to determine how many immigrats were allowed to enter the u.s
    who are they - italy , russia , poland , greecec as well as asians locals such as china and japan .( south or eastern europe.
    Why did they come - economic oppertunitys , saftey , freedom , lower taxes
    they went to california ,new york and texas
    the women were maids men were laborers .
  • Morse Code

    Electrical Telegraph System
    Morse code has been in use for more than 160 years—longer than any other electrical coding system.
    Each Letter or numeral is represented by dots and dashes
    is a method of transmiting text info as a series of on/off tones , lights,or clicks that can be directly understood by a skilled listener .
  • Bessemer process

    Removed impurities from the iron by the oxidation process.
    The bessemer process revolutionized steel infacture by decreasing the cost
    The availabilty of cheap steel allowed large bridges to be built and the construction of rail roads , sky scrapers and large ship .
  • Period: to

    Boss tweed and tammany hall

    william m tweed most known for being "boss' of tammany hall . he was the 2nd land owner in ny as well as a directer of the eve railroad .
    he was elected to the u.s. house of representatives in 1852 and became head of tammany hall 1858.
    tamamny hall was a democratic party political machine tat played a roll in my state politics and helping immigrants
    he stole money
    he wanted to be party owner of thebridge company
    thomas nast created political cartoons for those who called not read in english l
  • Homestead Act .

    Several u.S federal laws. The main one was the ownership of land called " homesstead" at little or no cost "free land " 160 acres reasoned for this was for the land to be farmed on and better the economy . this also caused problems with the indians .
  • 14th Amendment

    It address citizenship rights and equal protectionof the law.
  • First Transcontinential Railroad In The U.S.

    1907 miles long from san francisco to iowa
    Built by veterans and chinese/irish immigrants
    No machines; built by hand
    Transport goods faster .
  • 15th Amendment

    They denied citizen rights to vote based on the citizens race , color or previous condition
  • Period: to

    Gilded Age and Western Expansion

    Was an era of rapid growth , most people working are poor upper class is wealthy there are no middle class. We start moving west and political corruption happens.
  • Chinese Exclusionary act

    it was one of the most significant restrictsion on free immigration in U.S history prohibiting all immigration of chinese laborers . Americans in the west presisted in their sterotyping of the chinese as degraded exotic dangerous and competitions for jobs and wages .
  • John D. Rockefeller

    John d. rockefeller was an american buisness magnate and philanthropist , he was co-founder of the standard oil company wich dominated the oil industry and was the first great u.s nuisness trust , he shipped oil that wasnt made from kerosine and was safe andrew carnigie taxed him alot to to use the rail roads , but started a cartel to lower his prices for shipping the best oil
    vertical-the process of making oil safe .
    horizontal-is owning all the oil and saling it .
  • Andrew carnigie

    he was an industrialist and a philanthropist. he started as a telegrapher . By the 1860s he had investment in rail roads. In 1864, carnigie invested $40,000 in story farm on oil creek . In one year the farm yielded over 1 million in cash dividenes . he sold his steel company to j.p morgan for 480 million .
  • Hull House

    cofound by james adams and elen gates opened the doors to recently arrived europeans immigrants . " a community of university women " , the main purpose was to promote social and educational oppertunities for working class people .
  • Period: to

    Ellis Island

    10.5 mill europeans immigrants who were approved were asked questions about name , occupation and amount of money people with disease were sent home or held in hospitals (3000 dead) unskilled were sent home 2% not admitted for disease criminal background and insanity .
  • John P. Morgan

    Jp morgan dominated corporate finance and industrial considation morgan began talk with charles m. schwab president of carnigie and buisness man andrew carnigie in 1900. the goal was to buy out carnigie steel buisness and merge it with several other steel buisness ,coal,mining and shipping firms to create the u.s steel coorporation he directed the banking calation that stopped the panic of 1907.
  • Period: to

    Galveston ,tx

    The jews were leaving russia because they were going to be perscuted so Jacob H. Schiff brought them to galveston , tx because they were already packed with immigrants in NYC on ellis island .
  • NAACP-W.E.B Dubois

    The NAACP stands for National Association For the Advancement of The colored People. W.E.B Dubois was part of it .
  • Period: to

    Angel Island , California

    the main nationalitiy was the chinese they were locked in cages for weeks or months they asked them crazy questions so they wouldnt be able to answer also questionere in there languages they wouldnt uinderstand
  • USSR

    USSR- Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, They build up the arms race and the soviets spend way over there budget and they start to fall so the U.S is alot stronger than they are . Georege H.W Bush was the presdient at this time .
  • Americanzation Day

    the americanization movement was a nationwide organized effort in the 1910s to bring millions fo recent immigrants into the american culture .
    its celebrated on may 1st
    The holiday was first observed in 1921 during the fisrt red scare it was orignially called "amercianization day ' and it was intended to replace the may 1 " may Day "
  • Period: to

    Great Depression

    -By 1932 Unemployment reached 23.6% and it peaked in 1933 to 25 % , Drought persisted in the agricultural hearthand buisness and families defaulted on record number of loans and more than 5000 banks had failed .
    FERA was established to help out those who were unemployed its main goal was to create new unskilled jobs and state government

    The LULAC stands for League of United Latin American Citizens was created to combat the discrimination faced by hispanics in the united states.
  • Dust Bowl

    a period of dust storms that damaged the agriculture in the U.S this caused the Great Depression . It forced many families to abandon their farms people died because of the dust in the atmosphere.
  • Hoover Dam

    -Once known as the boulder dam , is a concrete arch-gravity dam in the black cannon of the colorado river on the border between the u.s states of arizona and nevada.
    -The Hoover dam is located in near bouldr city , Nevada
    The dams Generators provide power for private and public utilities in nevada , arizona and california .
    - The purpose was to control power , flood control , water storage , regulation and recreation .
    -It was constructed in 1931 and opended up in 1936.
  • H U A C

    anyone who get interview would probaly loose their jobs by the HUAC.
  • Grapes of Wrath

    Book by John Steinbeck
    set during the great depression a poor family of tenant farmers driven from their oklahoma home by drought economic hardship agriculturial changes and bank fore closures forcing tenant farmers out of work .
    route 66
  • Period: to

    "Rock and Roll"

    The Africans American started rock and roll the genres were jazz and blues and gospel . Elvis was the famous one around this time , The people started to dress and dance diffrent because of elvis it change the culture of the united states
  • Period: to

    SecondGreat Migration

    African Americans moved for jobs but it was also the same as where they came from they though it would be diffrenrt 5 million of them moved , They moved to the cali , los angeles , oakland , and long beach
  • Period: to

    Civil Rights Movement

    They Need all the workers they can have no matter what race they need them to build their equipment anyu race . It was signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt .
  • Congress Of Racial Equality

    U.S. Civil rights organization that played a pivotal role for african americans in the civil rights movement . Founded in 1942 . CORE was one of the "Big Four" civil rights organizations, along with the SCLC, the SNCC, and the NAACP. Though still extant, CORE has been much less influential since the end of the 1955–1968 civil rights movement
  • G.I Bill

    During the war, politicians wanted to avoid the postwar confusion about veterans' benefits that became a political football in the 1920s and 1930s The benifites were low cost morgates , low interest loan ,cash payments of tution
  • Widespread Use Of Air Conditoning

    It starts a movement from the north to the south wherever the ac systems are at , they can also work longer hours . swamp cooler , a/c units
  • Period: to

    Arms Race

    competition between two or more parties to have the best armed forces.
    The us and soviets were the ones fighting .
    The superpowers where the u.s and the soviets and france and germany .
  • Period: to

    Baby Boom

    when the number of annual births exceeded 2 per 100 women (or approximately 2% of the total population size).There are an estimated 78.3 million Americans who were born during this demographic boom in births.The term is a general demographic and is also applicable to other similar population expansions. When the husband retturns from the war they wifes wanted to prepare for a baby and thats what causes the baby boom .
  • Mendez vs. Westminster

    The mexicans had to go to a diffrent school from the white people , they take a court case . the court says its unconstitutional and pointed it too the 14th amendment . It only affected california . then they only allowed mexican into the white school.
  • Delgado vs. Bastrop isd

    The court considered the hispanics white so they couldnt be segeragted and they have to stay in the same school.
  • Truman Doctrine

    It wan an international relations policy , it marked the beggining of the cold war the idea who made it was harriet truman he was the president of the united states at this time , Soviet union was the place everything was planned at, stop the spreading of communisom ,they were afraid of the domino effect they gave the monroe doctrine the idea was to keep the europeans out
    money to turkey and greece to stop them
  • Twenty-second Amendment .

    Franklin D. Roosevelt was the president at this time , The Twenty-second Amendment of the United States Constitution sets a term limit for election to the office of President of the United States. Congress passed the amendment on March 21, 1947. It was ratified by the requisite number of states on February 27, 1951.
  • Period: to

    Cold War

    It started with the Truman Doctrine and ending when the Berlin wall fell .
  • Desegregation of the U.S. military

  • Marshall Plan

    the purpose was to aid europe wich the us gave economic support to help rebuild european economies after the end of world war II in oreder to prevent the spread of soviet communisom . The main states were turkey and greece .
  • Period: to

    Berlin Airlift

    Major city in germany, the success of the Berlin Airlift brought embarrassment to the Soviets who had refused to believe it could make a difference . The soviets shut down everything so that we could send any supplies they started to starve the germans so the germans can say the wanna be with the soviets and when they do the soviets will allow them to eat and stuff. The U.S. usee airplanes every 3 ins planes would land and they would be filled with food and stuffto give to the hungry germans
  • NATO

    It stands for north atlantic treaty organization .
    the united state were fighting the soviet union .
    The members were france , denmark,canada,beligum ,iceland , luxinbourd,norway,italt,neitherlands,portugal,us,and united kingdom . It was created so the people can come together and protect themselves from the soviets . The soviets didnt like it and they are trying to expand and block them in europe ,
  • Sweatt vs. painter

    The case involved a black man, Heman Marion Sweatt, who was refused admission to the School of Law of the University of Texas, whose president was Theophilus Painter, on the grounds that the Texas State Constitution prohibited integrated education. At the time, no law school in Texas would admit black students, or, in the language of the time, "Negro" students.
  • Period: to

    Korean War

    The u.s and soviets are always fightings .
    north and south never fought head on head they always had their men fight eachother , They ended with a treaty . The treaty is the korean armistices agreement .
    The 38th parallel splits up the north and south
  • Polio Vaccine

    The two vaccines have eradicated polio from most countries in the world,[and reduced the worldwide incidence from an estimated 350,000 cases in 1988 to just 223 cases in 2012.
  • Senate Hearing Led by JoeMcCarthy

    Its The same as the HUAC
    was the most prominent and active government committee involved in anti-Communist investigations.
    The senate startd to expect people .
  • Brown vs. Board of education

    the public school could no longer be segeragated , was a landmark United States Supreme Court case in which the Court declared state laws establishing separate public schools for black and white students unconstitutional
  • Hernandez vs. Texas

    Jurys were no longer just white . case that decided that Mexican Americans and all other racial groups in the United States had equal protection under the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
  • Orval Faubus

    was the 36th Governor of Arkansas, serving from 1955 to 1967. He is best known for his 1957 stand against the desegregation of the Little Rock School District during the Little Rock Crisis, in which he defied a unanimous decision of the United States Supreme Court by ordering the Arkansas National Guard to stop African-American students from attending Little Rock Central High School. Despite his initial staunch segregationist stances, Faubus moderated his positions later in life.
  • Montgomery Bus Boycott

    The Montgomery Bus Boycott, a seminal event in the U.S. civil rights movement, was a political and social protest campaign against the policy of racial segregation on the public transit system of Montgomery, Alabama.Rosa Louise McCauley Parks ,was arrested for not giving up her seat to a white person .
  • Period: to

    Vietnam War

    The north was supported by the soviets , china and other communist and the south was supported by the united states and other anti communist. Vietnam was temporarily partitioned at the 17th parallel, and under the terms of the Geneva Accords, civilians were to be given the opportunity to move freely between the two provisional states for a 300-day period france owned vietnam and the soviets were part of them.we were apart of it cause jfk wanted to stop it .
  • Period: to

    Space Race

    It begun with the launch of sputnik
    we didnt want any soviets on the ground
    it formes NASA
  • Southern Christian Leadership

    Its an african american civil rights organization . It was closeley associated with its first president dr. Martin luther King Jr., it had a large role in the american civil rights movement .
  • Civil Rights Act Of 1957

    Doubled voting rights for african americans . the problem was that it didnt have any way to take place .
  • Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee

    One of the oranizations of the american civil rights movement .
    It emerged from a student meeting organized by Ella Baker held at Shaw University in April 1960. SNCC grew into a large organization with many supporters in the North who helped raise funds to support SNCC's work in the South, allowing full-time SNCC workers to have a $10 per week salary
  • 23rd Amendment

    it allows the people for washinton d.c to vote for president only .
  • Congressional southern democrats .

    there blocking the civil right legislation ,
  • OPEC Oil Embargo

    OPEC stands for - organization of the petroleum exporting countries , it came about because they sold oil and started to go cheaper and cheaper for $5 dollars a barrel and tyhere loosing profits and opec starts to ban togethere there a cartel and they dont dell anymore oil .
  • JFK

    He was more handsome so thats was big role in it also he was the first on tv . so it made him presentiable.
  • JFK Issuing of Executive order 10925

    It only deals with the governmant contractors . they left the women out . it doesent effect the united states .
  • Period: to

    New frontiers

    it marked the end of the vietnam war in Saigon
  • Period: to

    Vietnam Policy Of President Kennedy

    He was for the vietnam war he had lost already to many failures . so it looked bad on him and he wanted to gain victory on vietnam
  • Contruction Of The Berlin wall

    The german democratic republic build the berlin wall , in the east it was built to prevent to keep the east from the west .
  • United farm wrker association

    is a labor union created from the merging of two groups, the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee The two made a great team. Chávez was the dynamic leader and speaker and Huerta was a skilled organizer and tough negotiator
  • 24th amendment

    they had pole taxes . prohibits both Congress and the states from conditioning the right to vote in federal elections on payment of a poll tax or other types of tax. The amendment was proposed by Congress to the states on August 27, 1962, and was ratified by the states on January 23, 1964.
  • First store by Sam Walton

    was an American businessman and entrepreneur born in Kingfisher, Oklahoma, best known for founding the retailers Walmart and Sam's Club.
  • Martin Luther King Jr.

    was an American pastor, activist, humanitarian, and leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement. He is best known for his role in the advancement of civil rights using nonviolent civil disobedience based on his Christian beliefs.The letter defends the strategy of nonviolent resistance to racism, arguing that people have a moral responsibility to break unjust laws. After an early setback, it enjoyed widespread publication and became a key text for the American civil rights movement of t
  • Period: to

    Vietnam Policy of president johnson

    He was against the vietnam war , he was more concerned about the society instead of the war . The gulf of tonkin gave him the power to conduct military operations in Southeast Asia without declaring war.
  • Assasination Of president Kennedy

    he was assasinated at 1230 pm in the motorcade in dallas tx , lee harvey oswald
  • Organitzation Of Afro-American Unity

    was a Pan-Africanist organization founded by Malcom X it impressed during his visit to africa in april and may in 1964 .The purpose was to fight for the human rights of African Americans and promote cooperation among africans and people of afican decent in the americas.
  • Period: to

    Vietnam Era Draft Into Military Service

    concen objecters someone who rejects the war on moral grounds , or relijous group . the 4-f status is they wont send you if you dont pass there medical system or moral requirments .
  • Gulf Of Tonkin incident/Resolution

    The north vietnamese fires on our ship we fire back and damage their ship , as a result congress gave lbj the power to keep the troops fighting in south east asia as long as he wanted .
  • Assasination Of Malcom X.

    he got out the nation islam they get mad they dont like it he gets out he does a speech and some guys shoot him with a shot gun .
  • Voting rights of 1965

    It has to emply to congress befor voting can be done ,
  • Head Start Education

    is a program of the United States Department of Health and Human Services that provides comprehensive early childhood education, health, nutrition, and parent involvement services to low-income children and their families,The program's services and resources are designed to foster stable family relationships, enhance children's physical and emotional well-being, and establish an environment to develop strong cognitive skills. The transition from preschool to elementary school imposes diverse dev
  • National organization For Women

    NOW was founded on June 30, 1966, in Washington, D.C., by 28 people attending the Third National Conference of State Commissions on the Status of Women, the successor to the Presidential Commission on the Status of Women.The founders included Betty Friedan (the author of The Feminine Mystique (1963), who was also NOW's first president), Rev. Pauli Murray, the first African-American female Episcopal priest, and Shirley Chisholm, the first Black woman to run for President of the United States of A
  • Black panthers

    A Doctrine calling primarliy for the protection of black neighborhood from police brutality .Founded in oakland , California by Huey Newton and Bobby seale oon October 15 1966 .
  • Lester Maddox

    Governor of georgia , he refused to serve african americans in his restaraunts he didnt serve them because it was his restaraunt in his private property . He treated them with respect he wantewd them to call mr and mrs .
  • 25th Amendment

    Deals with the succesion of the president , and it became about cause kennedy was shot and they want it to state who becames and creates a huge list of people .
  • Assasination Of Martin luther King Jr.

    He was shot by a great big white guy in a hotel .
    it was a big deal when martin luther king jr died .
  • George Wallace

    Governor of alabama , In the name of the greatest people that have ever trod this earth, I draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny, and I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever
  • United States vs. O.brien

    It ruled that a criminal prohibition against burning a draft card did not violate the First Amendment's guarantee of free speech, it considered the law justified by a significant government interest that was unrelated to the suppression of speech and was tailored towards that end.Chief Justice Warren's decision for the Court rejected O'Brien's argument that the 1965 amendment to was only passed to stifle the speech of anti-war protesters
  • Tet offensive

    Vietnam did a surpirse attack across the entire south , and the u.s fghts them off. We won the battle and lost the war . They were saysing they were just goin gover there to be killed so know wantes to go over there anymore .
  • Policy Of Vietnamization

    Was a policy of richard nixon to end the u.s military in the war , he wanted to withdraw the u.s troops from the war and train the south so that they can fight for themseleves .
  • Tinker vs. Des Moines

    defined the constitutional rights of students in U.S. public schools,determine whether a school's disciplinary actions violate students' First Amendment rights.The court observed, "It can hardly be argued that either students or teachers shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate
  • Period: to

    Vietnam policy of president nixon

    he thinks we should train the south and let them fight there own war and pull out are troops , he has own doctrine. but he will still help them
  • Silent Majority Speech

    unspecified large majority of people in a country or group who do not express their opinions publicly
    SPEECH : "And so tonight—to you, the great silent majority of my fellow Americans—I ask for your support." In this usage it referred to those Americans who did not join in the large demonstrations against the Vietnam War at the time, who did not join in the counterculture, and who did not participate in public discourse
  • Period: to

    Drama , Date , Digital Age.

  • La Raza Unida

    La Raza Unida stands for united race party. was an American political party centered on Chicano nationalism. During the 1970s the Party campaigned for better housing, work, and educational opportunities for Mexican-Americans.
  • watergate scandal

    president nixon covered it up and kept covering it up , he went to court and went againt the senate it forced him to resign president .
  • 26th Amendment

    it lowers voting to 18 because ever yone was getting drafted at 18 and dying so it gave everyone the right to vote .
  • Nixon Shock

    Series of economic measures take by the united states president richard nixon in 1971, Canceling the direct covertibilty by the united states dollar to gold . A gold standard is a motyarey system in wich the standard economic unit of account is based on a fixed quantity of gold.
  • Richard Nixon Diplomastic Visit to China

    It wan an important step in formally normalizing realtions between the united states and tyhe people republic of china. It omproved relations with the soviet union and the people rebublic of china are often cited aqas the most succesful diplomatic of acheivements of nixons presidency . he Chinese themselves agreed to a peaceful settlement of the Taiwan, question
  • Wisconsin vs. Yoder

    U.S. Supreme court found that amish children could not be placed under compulsory education past the 8th grade.The case is cited as a basis for parents rigt to educate their children of outside of traditional private or public schools .
  • War Power Resolution

    is a federal law intended to check the presidents power to comitt the united states to an armed conflict with out the consent of congress . Under the United States Constitution, war powers are divided. Congress has the power to declare war, raise and support the armed forces, control the war funding
  • white vs regester

    in 1960 all votes of majorities and minoritie people are equal i 1960 they wou7ld only count the white votes it was a multimemember and than in 1973 the split up into 12 distics and everyone was equal and got the choice for representatives .
  • Enndagered species act

    It was done by president nixon , was good helping them ans it was a 1 % rate , if you damaged something forrest wise you would get a huge fire (endangering the animals )
  • Conservative Resugerance

    A heritage foundation that helps give ideas a conservative mindset if you're a conservative ... you will take and ask for the heritage foundations help. It is still a running foundation, seen in elections , Formed on February 16 1973.
  • Period: to

    Gerald Ford

    first president to not be elected , it was under the 25th amendment if something happens to the president vice president takes over .
  • Fall Of Saigon

    It mark the end of the vietnam war and the start of a transition period leading to the formal reunification of Vietnam into a Socialist Republic governed by the Communist Party.
  • Microsoft By Bill gates

    he got out of harvard to work w/ paul allen they worked with MITS . gate wrote "open letters to hobbysts "
    microsoft became independent ent . in 1976 now,microsoft is the biggst software .
  • Camp david accords

    its between egypt and isreal they signed a peace treaty over fighting between the 2 over land and oil
  • Period: to

    Iran hostage Crisis

    it was a crisi between iran and the u.s. 52 americans were held hostage for 444 days . The U.S. refused to extradite shah to iran wanted him because he needed to serve trial for the crime they committed .
  • BET by Robert Johnson

    robert johnson founded it and it
    started with a couple hours it eventually got big. consisted of music videos and black entertainment televison
  • Period: to

    Ronald Regan

    Reganomics - reffered to the 4 pillars of reagons economic policy here to reduce the growyh of government spending , reduce federal income tax , reduce government regulation , and tighten many supply to decrease infasmation.
  • marines bomibing barrack in beruit

    ronald regan , was the president at this time it happpened in beruit,labanese. It occurred during the labenese civil war . The u.s. were there to keep peace , there was 299 total deaths of the u.s. and french together , president regan wanted to stay but the u.s left and congress did not approve of that so they had to come back .
  • Edgewood vs Kirby

    They take from the rich schools and gave to the poor schools .
  • Iran-contra Scandal

    7 hostages in labenon , they exchange was suppose to be for the hostages but werent the money went to nicagara
  • Iran-iraq war

    Regan was president at this time , the u.s. gives weapons to iraq to turn iraq away from the soviets . but in the end we end up fighting after we gave them all the trainig and weapons .
  • Period: to

    Georege H Bush .

    Bush : 426 Electoral votes 534% ballets , dukakis : III electoral votes 456% ballets
  • Period: to

    Yugoslavia wars

    tito the dictator of yugoslav dies and than ethnic groups fight over power slobodan milosevic isn the pres of serbia . ethinic cleansing removal of an ethnic group from a territory .
  • Period: to

    Persian gulf war

  • Period: to

    Bill Clinton

    Democratic - 1st term (1993-1997) he ran against george hw bush (republican)
    2nd term - (1997-2001) he ran against former senator bob dole (republican ) 3rd party - ross perot (independent ) a person who gains a big percent share of the votes

    NAFTA- North American Free Trade Agreement .
    member nations - canada , mexico , and the united states
    Jan 1 1994
    Its the largest free trade area and their richest market in the world
  • 9-11

    was a series of 4 attacks by terrioist group al-quaeda on the u.s the leader responsible was mohammed atta 2 planes hit the north and south towers in new yourk city aka the twin towers 1 other plane hit the pentagon and the 4th on crashed in pennsylivania an estimated of 3,000 people died. the pres was george w. bush
  • Invasion Of Afghaniston

    Started after 9/11
    we invaved oct 7 2001
    bush demanded to have osama bin laden
    the u.s killed him may 2011
    cost: $128 trillion per soldier=$1 million
  • Patriot Act

    Was an act of congress that was signed by president george w bush , on oct 26 2001 , it was tto protect us againts terriosm .
  • Invasion Of Iraq

    The CIA gave the president info that sadan hussien , was developing weapons of mass destruction and supporting terriosm with money . President bush sent 148,000 troops , 3000 died . 21 days of war .
  • Kyoto Treaty

    international treaty set to nations to reduce emission or greenhouse gases u.s signed prototal but did not ratify because of byrd resolution wich disppeared of any interrnational agreement that did not require
  • Social Security

    For old age survivors and disability insurance federalm program.By the time are generation grows up theres a possability the whole program would be in solvent (bankrupt)