Environmentalists through History

  • George Perkins Marsh

    Began doing research in and writing books on his observations of man's interaction with nature.
  • John Muir

    In 1892 John Muir establishes the Sierra Club to promote conservation, preservation, and appreciation for nature.
  • Theodore Roosevelt

    Began massive natural preservation and conservation legislation. Also, he very actively promoted the preservation of nature.
  • Aldo Leopold

    One of he earliest to study wildlife management. Also, he was one of the first to attempt environmental recovery techniques.
  • Rachel Carson

    Carson writes and publishes the book Silent Spring to expose and predict the highly offensive effects of DDT use in America.
  • Paul and Anne Ehrlich

    Known for creating many theories about overpopulation and human impact on the environment via population, affulence, and technology.
  • E.O. Wilson

    E.O. Wilson becomes highly active in global conservation efforts and begins writing and plublishing books on human interactions with nature.
  • James Lovelock

    He established the Gaia Theory stating that all organic and inorganic parts of an environment come together to form an interconnected complex system.
  • Lois Gibbs

    Mother of the Superfund, Lois Gibbs became a major proponant of toxic chemical control following the Love Canal Incident.
  • Armory Lovins

    Begins to become highly active in the fields of natural resource management and energy management.
  • James Hansen

    Major researcher in the field of climatology and using models he developed for the Venusian atmosphere to relate to climate change and patterns in Earth's atmosphere.
  • Eugene and Howard Odum

    Pioneering the study of dynamic environments and the mitigation and prevention of pollution.
  • Lester Brown

    Founder of Earth Policy Institute with an aim for planning for a economically and environmentally sustainable globe.