Environmental policies implemented in Singapore

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  • Start of cleaning of Singapore River and Kallang Basin

  • Clean and Green Week

    Campaign that comprises activities and events that let Singaporeans experience hands-on how to care for the environment as well as explore themes and issues relevant to the environment.
  • First Singapore Green Plan

  • ASEAN Agreement on Transboundary Haze Pollution

    Calls for parties to undertake among others:
    - Legislative and administrative measures to prevent and control activities related to land and forest fires that may result in transboundary haze pollution
    - National as well as joint actions to intensify regional and international co-operation to prevent, assess and monitor transboundary haze pollution arising from land and forest fires
  • Updated the Singapore Green Plan 2012

    Singapore's ten-year plan for achieving sustainable development.
    Targets: Reduce the ambient Particulate Matter 2.5 (PM 2.5) level to within an annual average of 15µg/Nm3 by 2014.
    Increase catchment areas to 67% of Singapore's land surface.
    Establish more parks and green linkages.
  • Sustainable Singapore Blueprint

    Targets: Reduce the level of fi ne particles in
    the air (PM2.5) to 12μg/m3 and cap Sulphur
    Dioxide (SO2) levels at 15μg/m3 by 2020, and
    maintain the same levels up to 2030.
    Improve accessibility for
    pedestrians and cyclists and have 70% of all
    journeys made via public transport.
    Redue domestic water consumption to 140L per
    person per day by 2030.
  • Transboundary Haze Pollution Bill

    Impose fines of up to S$2 million on companies that cause or contribute to transboundary haze pollution in Singapore.