Environmental monitoring timeline

  • Begining

    Decide upon eco-system to study
  • Period: to

    Write up report

    Write up entire report on the eco-system I am studying (my backyard) including:
    Components, 2 spheres, energy flow, environmental indicators, introduced specie and experiment reports
  • Week 1

    Write up prac aims, methods and equipment and prepare for experiments to take place.
  • Soil samples

    Collect soil samples to prepare for soil experiments
  • Week 2 - Conducting experiments

    Conduct the three soil pracs (ph levels, soil texture and soil water content)
  • Air pollution

    Write up air pollution aim, method and equipment and begin experiment by placing cards with petrolium jelly in same locations that the soil samples were taken from
  • Period: to

    Air pollution

    Check the air pollution from the same locations as soil location over 5 days
  • Transect and quadrat

    Conduct transect and quadrat experiment by placing a transect in areas where soil samples were taken from and place quadrats in 3 different spots in each area
  • Photos

    Take images of soil sample locations along with air pollution and quadrat locations (remember to take photos whilst conduction experiments)