English inventions

By poulsen
  • Steam engine

    Invented by Jeronimo Beaumont, but the first practical steam powered engine was a water pump developed by Thomas Slavery in 1698. It used vacuum to raise water from below and then used steam power to raise it higher.
  • Period: to

    Conveyor belt

    first used
  • Period: to

    Victorian era

  • Radio

    Invented by Marconi
  • Telephon

    Invented by Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray
  • Radiosignal

    The first radiosignal was in 1895
  • Period: to

    Edwardian era

  • Lie detector

    Invented by James Mckenzie, and was used by the police for interrigation and investigations since 1924
  • Radio - Marconi

    Recived the Nobel price
  • Conveyor belt - Henry Ford

    Started to use conveyor belts in his production
  • The modern polygraph

    Invented by John Larson