US History Timeline 1600-1700

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  • English found Jamestown, Virginia

    English found Jamestown, Virginia
  • French found Quebec

    French found Quebec
  • Spanish found Santa Fe

    Spanish found Santa Fe
  • Henry Hudson Expedition

    Henry Hudson Expedition
  • Galileo displays the telescope

    Galileo displays the telescope
  • Tobacco Crop Established

    Tobacco Crop Established
  • New Netherlands

    New Netherlands
  • Dutch brings slaves to America

  • Establishment of house of burgesses

  • Puritans settle in Massachusetts

  • Plymouth Colony

  • Harvard was founded

  • The first colonial printing press is set up in Cambridge, Massachusetts

  • The start of the Englilsh Civil War

  • In Massachusetts, the general court approves a law that makes religious heresy punishable by death.

  • Rhode Island declared slavery illegal

  • Navigation Act of 1663

  • The British Navigation Act of 1673

  • The Treaty of Westminster ends hostilities between the English and Dutc

  • Pennsylvania is founded

  • Protestants in France lose their guarantee of religious freedom

  • Quakers in Pennsylvania issue a formal protest against slavery in America.

  • The English Parliament passes the Wool Act

  • Massachusetts passes a law ordering all Roman Catholic priests to leave the colony within three months, upon penalty of life imprisonment or execution. New York then passes a similar law.