English colonies

  • First English Expedition

    Jhon White traveled to Roanoke , an island off of North Carolina. later , he became governor of Roanoke and brought more settlers.
  • Starving time

    When the colonists came, they relyed on the natives for food half the time. The natives cut the colonists food supply and the starving time came into play.
  • English try again to establish roanoke colony

    Jhon White convinced Raleigh to try to establish Roanoke colony even after starving time
  • Defeat of Spanish Armada

    The English defeated the Spanish Armada.This encouraged them to colonize in the Americas
  • Jamestown was founded

    An English colony that was named after their king.Another colony told them they would find gold , so they only focused the gold
  • Plymoth company sponsored Sagadahoc

    The Plymoth company sponsored the Sagadahoc colony at the mouth of Kennebek River in Maine.
  • Jamestown grows

    Jamestown was failin , then a soilder named Jhon Smith got them to work for their food, and even got the natives to trade with them [corn].
  • Starving time ended

    Lord De La Warr, the new govenor, imposed discipline and the starving time ended.
  • Houseof Burgessess created

    became first representative assembly in American colonies
  • Bacon's Rebellion

    Awar between rich and poor from the harsh conditions of living on the western side of virginia