By jzle
  • First car engine

    Invented by Nicolas Cugnot, a french military engineer developed a steam powered vehicle.
  • working model of a steam carriage

    Britain makes the first working model steam engine
  • first ever automoblie

    Evans creates the first automoblie in the USA
  • full size steam road carriage

    builds a working railway carriage with a full size engine
  • Stirling engine

    Robert Stirling invented the first hot air stirling engine
  • first electrical vehicle

    the first electrical vehicle made it up to speeds of 4miles per hour.
  • First four stroke engine

    Nikolaus otto made the first four stroke engine
  • first supercharger

    Gottlieb Daimler made the first supercharger
  • First Diesel engine

    first diesel engine made my Rudolf Diesel
  • ford motors

    ford introduces model A vehicle
  • first turbocharger

    first turbocharger made by alfred buchi
  • six stroke engine making

    Leonard dyer invented a six stroke engine named after his reinventor Bruce Cower
  • first luxury car made

    the first luxury car was made
  • Miller cycle engine

    made by Ralph Miller
  • Alternators

    alternators replace generators on automoblies engine
  • electronic Ignition improvement

    electronic ignition helps reduce pollution
  • Hybrid vehicle

    Runs on the internal combustion engine (ICE)