Energy Timeline

  • Turbine Invented

    PICTUREGiovanni Branca invented a primitive turbine consisting of a boiler with a spout to a direct stream against wooden blades of a wheel.
  • First Oil Drilling

    PICTUREColonel Edwin Drake first drills for oil in the united states in Titusville Pennsylvania.d
  • Lightbulb Invented

    PICTUREThomas Edison invents the first electric light bulb.
  • Vegetable Oil

    PICTUREFirst Diesel Engine to Run on Vegetable Oil Demonstrated at World's Fair in Paris
  • Petroleum

    PICTUREPetroleum Becomes Most Used Fuel in the US
  • Nuclear Reactor

    PICTUREWorld's first nuclear reactor for commercial power in Shippingport, PA.
  • Solar Power

    PICTUREFirst successful silicon solar collectors were reported by American scientists.
  • Wind Farms

    PICTUREWind Farms are developed for large scale production in the United States and Europe.
  • Wind Farm

    PICTUREWorld's First Wind Farm build in New Hampshire
  • Hydroelectric Plant

    First Commercial Scale PICTURE Goes into Operation in Appleton, Wisconsin