• Mar 14, 1000

    the discovery 2000 AD

    the discovery 2000 AD
    fire was found by cave men
  • Mar 14, 1454

    1st motor

    1st motor
    first motor to spin
  • the auto motiv motor

    the auto motiv motor
    a better engine is maded
  • steam engine

    steam engine
    steam engines is made to help mobilize people
  • light bulbs

    light bulbs
    the light bulb help familys move throuth the night
  • steam train

    steam train
    the steam train allowed men and women to travel far distant
  • power plants

    power plants
    the first power plant was made to make electricty
  • chemist set

    chemist set
    the chemistry set is made
  • cars

    the first automobil is used
  • the dam

    the dam
    the dam is used to create electricity
  • electric car

    electric car
    toyoata creats an eco friendly car