Endangered Tiger

  • Tigers 100 Years ago

    In this year, there is one hundred thousand tigers living in the wild and zoos worldwide. Now there is less than half of this number of tigers around the world. Humans are responisble on this and should stop. Think about what you have done to the world and think twice before you do. Even the zoos have lack of care. Making the tiger homeless is the worst ever thing that can happen to the tiger.
  • Bali Tiger Extinct

    This date marks the day that Bali Tigers came to an end, The last Bali Tiger was a female that was shot to death in Sumbar Kima of west Bali.
  • Caspian Tiger Extinct

    The month and day is still unknown. This date marks the day that the Caspian Tigers become extinct. This species is not that popular but it is one of the few sub-species of the tiger to be extinct.
  • Javan Tiger Extinct

    After some research that says there isn't anymore Javan Tigers left, this month (day unknown) marks the day that the Javan Tigers are extinct. The cause was humans shooting the tigers. They were hunters killing and damaging the environment without even knowing it.
  • Save China's Tigers

    On this date, Save China's Tigers was formed and an agreement was signed in Bejing. Save China's Tigers encourage people to stop killing tigers because soon there will be no more tigers left at all. When tigers become extinct, there will never come back again.
  • Today

    Today, about 3,062 to 3,948 tigers worldwide live in the wild. If more tigers are killed, the tiger will become extinct and tigers are already endangered and we cannot treat animals like that at all. If we treat tigers that way, the tiger will never exist again.