End of WWII to Exposure of My Lai

  • WWII Officially Ends; US and USSR are last remaining world superpowers

    Japan signs paperwork signifying their defeat. The United States of America and the Soviet Union are the last remaining world superpowers.
  • Eisenhower reveals 'Domino Theory'; fear of communism is high in Cold War; US supports south Vietnam in war

  • Geneva Conference officially divdes Vietnam into the Communist north and Democratic south at 17th parallel; Vietnam war starts

  • Viet Cong are formed; Insurgency attacks in South increase

  • Lyndon B. Johnson significantly increases US troops in Vietnam; US is now heavily involved in the war

  • Tet Offensive is launched; US morale drops; Anti war sentiment increases in US

  • Charlie Company slaughters 307 to 504 Vietnamese noncombatants at My Lai in the Quang Ngai Province

  • Seymour M. Hersh breaks the My Lai massacre to the story after its cover-up for over a year