EMR Implementation in the Overnight Camp Infirmary

  • Identify the Need for EMR

    Present benefits of EMR to camp owners
  • Establish Project Team

    This will require hiring an IT consultant.
    Schedule meetings to establish goals of EMR and time line of project
  • Identify Vendors and Schedule Meeting with Vendors

    Begin search with Vendors that have software for Camp Medical care
  • Information Gathering

    June, July and August-Gather information from staff nurses, physicians and administrators regarding software and hardware needs. If available, share informaton regarding EMR options that are available.
  • Evaluation of Vendors

    Identify list of expectations of vendors
    Identify support requirements
    Schedule product demonstrations
  • Continue Evaluation of Vendors

  • Determine Scope of Project

    Based in information gathered fromsummer 2012 staff and information received regarding Vendor services, decide on level of software needed and allotted budget.
  • Review of findngs

    The project manager and I.T. specialist will compile information from vendor search and submit report to camp owners. Due to the hands on management at the camp, the CEO may be active in the initial evaluation process as well as decision making.
  • Negotiate Contract

  • Finalize Budget

    Salaries, training fees, supplies. Make purchase
  • Install/Build Software

  • Training Packets

    Design on- line training program.
    Contact staff and notify them of EMR implementation.
    Share goals and objectives of training program
  • Begin Training Program

    Include in the packet a contractual document that states computers in the infirmary are for the sole use of camper medical care. Identify and notify super-users
  • Training program complete

  • Go Live

    Super-users available.
    I.T. available 24/7 for the first week of each camp session.
  • Evaluation of Program

    Evaluations will be on going through out the camp session. At the end of each session staff members will be required to complete an an evaluation questionairre.
  • Review of Evaluations

    All evaluation documents will be reveiwed and a report will be submitted to CEO. This will provide information for possible changes for Summer 2014