Emprasario Time Line

  • San Felipe

    The colony was also known as San Felipe de Austin. Austin led 300 families into the town. Because the colony was in danger of being captured by the Mexican Army, the settlers burned it down. The colony was later rebuilt.
  • Gonzales

    Named after Rafael Gonzales, The colony was abandoned in 1827 after it suffered from Indian attacks and rebuilt on the Guadalupe river.
  • Little Colony

    Founded by Stephen F. Austin, the colony was also known as Bastrop. Austin named it after his friend Baron de Bastrop.
  • San Patricio

    In 1828, McGloin settled 200 catholic families. They settled on the Nueces river. From 1828 to 1835 McGloin was in charge of settling families. Later, he moved his own family to San Antonio.
  • Linnville

    Linnville was located 20 miles from Victoria. The town was orginally named New Port and established by John J. Linn in 1831.
  • Victoria

    Victoria was established by Martin De Leon. It was built on the Guadalupe river. Victoria grew to be a trade center. The population grew to 806 people.
  • Refugio

    Garza Refugio created the Refugio colony in the late 1830's.