eminem timeline

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    When Marshel Mathers (eminem was born)

    Marshel Bruce Mathers was born October 17,1972 he lived in detroit with his mom and his dad that left him and his mom when Marshel was just a baby
  • eminem

    he new he wanted to be a raper when he was 14 years old
  • when he dropped out of school

    Marshel Mathers droped out of school in 1989
  • d12

    eminem was in a band called d12 in 1996 (his first band)
  • eminems first hit album

    eminems first hit album that made him famous is the slim shady lb album (when eminem got drafted by dr dre and no one else would take him)
  • eminems first hit song

    his first major song is my name is one of his first hit songs is my name is the first song he did with dr dre
  • eminem new album

    eminems newest album is recovery it is because he was addicted to drugs and he made a ablum telling people that he quit and he isnt that kind of person anymore that was the main point of not afraid
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    pictures of eminem
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    pictures of eminem
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