• Period: to 2022 BCE


    I want to talk about why chicken is great for your body.
    Chicken is very healthy due to the fact that it is high in protein and low in fat.
    Chicken is often used for various meal prep.
    What is a meal prep?
    It is a way of preparing your lunches 5 days before so that when you are in the hurry instead of buying processed junk you eat healthy food which you prepared days before.
  • Style

    Chicken is a diverse food which can be cooked and prepared in many different styles.
  • Period: to 2022 BCE

    Teriyaki Chicken

    Teriyaki chicken is a great style of chicken to make a meal preap,you can add brocolli for more flavor but the chicken is the real star here.This dish takes less than 25 minutes to make and it is enough for 4-5 days of lunch.
    The nutrition facts for this meal are:
    39g Carbs
    30g Protein
    9g Fat
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    Sweet and Sour Chicken

    One of my personal favorites style of making chicken.
    Sweet and sour chicken,who doesn’t love that delicious chicken drowned in sauce.
    This is also a very good meal prep.
    This breathtaking dish takes about 20-25 minutes to make and tastes so much better than Panda Express.
    The Nutritional Facts are:
    536 cal
    39g Protein
    12g Fat
    65g Carbohydrates