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Emily's Life

  • I Was Born

    I Was Born
    On Janurary 25, 1996, I was born to Carson and Julie Larson in Avera St. Lukes Hospital.
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    Emily's Life

  • Wyatt was Born

    Wyatt was Born
    My little brother was born on October, 16, 1996.
  • Grandma Got Breast Cancer

    Grandma Got Breast Cancer
    My grandma was diagnosed with cancer. After surgeries and chemo she overcame the cancer.
  • I Got a Puppy

    I Got a Puppy
    In July my parents let me and my brother get a golden lab.
  • Chandler was born

    Chandler was born
    My other little brother was born on 9/11
  • We moved to a new house

    We moved into a much bigger house closer to the town of Columbia. Although it was a better house and better location i still like my old house more.
  • I got west nile

    I was extremely sick for a whole week missing a lot of school plus it really killed my immune system so i got sick a lot more that year. I was a bad year.
  • Grandpa had a stroke

  • Sang on the American Idol experience in Disney World

    Sang on the American Idol experience in Disney World
    I auditioned twice made it past both rounds then performed against two other girls with an audience. I won that round and went to the finale that night with 7 people where i placed 2nd
  • Went our for soccer

    Went our for soccer
    I love soccer and this was a really amazing experience for me and i'm so glad i did it