Elizabeth's American Timeline

By haller
  • bededict aronld's treason discovered

    john trumbull, a merchant opreating ships.
  • battle of lexigton concord

    american's paul revere first battle messed up comnication of british army
  • Period: to


  • capture of fort ticonderoga

    patriot wonts, green mountain boys
  • second continetal congress meets

    john adams, sam adams. made treaty
  • battle of bunker hill

    william presscott william howe, wasnt going to be a easy fight.
  • george washington named conmmander-in-chief

    george washington,strong for american's.
  • american defeat at quebec

    bendict arnold,gave patriots supplies rasing armies
  • british evacuate boston

    george washington,first victory feat of the patriots.
  • declartion of independence issued

    thomas jefferson, declarined american indepent
  • british occupy new york city

    george washington, last day british troops run america
  • battle of trenton

    george washington,boosted the continetal army
  • britsih occupy philadelphia

    george washington ,william howe, captured american capital
  • battle of brandywine

    george washington, left the city of philadelphia to the british forge fight.
  • battle of saratoga

    horatiogates, it brought france to the world
  • articles of confederation adopted

    benjamin franklin, american first constituion
  • winter at valley forge

    george washington, army train in birtish valley forge.
  • alliance with france

    king louis, ben franklin, france gave us supplies and navy
  • battle of monmouth court house

    george washington, they can really fight.
  • fall of savannah`

    robert howe, brtish tried to get loyist to help in south
  • spain enters the war

    king charles,at fained east flordia by cession. the spainsh took west to flordia forceing them.
  • siege of charleston

    sir henery clinton, the british government.
  • french and british battle in chesapesake bay

    sir thomas graves, the rebel army with artilly.
  • cornwallis surrenders

    geroge washington, bring the revolution.
  • seige of yorktown

    george washington, mageruder marched his well army.