Elizabeth ann seton

Elizabeth Ann Seton

  • Born

    She was born in New York City.
  • Her mother died

    Her mother died in 1777. After that her father married Charlotte Amelia Barclay. He wanted to make sure he could support his two daughters.
  • She married William Seton

    He was a wealthy businessman that worked for an import trade.
  • William Seton died.

    To try and save William his doctors flew him and Elizabeth to Italy.
  • Elizabeth went back to America.

    After her husband had died she had stayed with some of his friends. They introduced her to Roman Catholicism. When she returned to America she pursued her interest in Catholicism.
  • First Communion

    First Communion
    Elizabeth had her first communion.
  • Confirmation

    She went through the sacraments of confirmation.
  • Arrival in Baltimore

    She accepted an invitation to teach at St. Mary's College in Baltimore. She became a sister of the Church and was given land in Emmitsburg, Maryland.
  • took her vows

    Elizabeth and 18 other girls took their vows. Elizabeth was elected superior and was given the name Mother Seton.
  • Elizabeth Ann Seton died

    Elizabeth died. Her feast day is celebrated on January 4 annually.
  • sainthood

    Pope Paul VI and the Catholic Church canonized Elizabeth Ann Seton on this day.