Elisa Perez revolutionary war

  • British retreat

    British retreat
    The colonists get the British to retreat which causes the war to move towards the middle states.
  • Howe brothers

    Brothers, General William Howe and admiral Richard Howe, joined forces on Staten Island and sailed into New York harbor in the summer with the largest British expeditionary force ever assembled including thousands of German mercenaries.
  • The battle for New York ends

    The battle for New York ended in Kate August with American retreat following heavy losses. Michael graham, a continental army volunteer, described the chaotic withdraw.
  • conlists alie with the french

    the frnech were still angry with the defeat they had with the british and decide to send the american colonies weapons and soldiers to help them defate the british.
  • Pushing toward the Delaware river

    By Kate fall, the British had pushed Washingtons army across the Delaware river into Pennsylvania. The vast majority of Washington's men had either deserted or had been killed or captured. Fewer than 8,000men remained under Washington's command, and terms of their enlistment needed victory to keep his men.
  • Washington's risky move

    Washington resolved to risk everything on one bold stroke set for Christmas night. In the face of a fierce snow storm, he lead 2
  • The journey back

    The soldiers marched nine miles thought sleet and snow to get to Trenton, which was in New Jersey this was held bt a garrison of hessians
  • American victory

    American victory
    Once again another battle struck in princton againsts tons of britsh and they racked up yet another victory.
  • Period: to

    Valley forge

    These were the years of valley forge, which served as a sight of the continental army's camp during the winter
  • howe campaigns

    general started his campaign to seize the american capital at philidelphia.
  • british surrender

    a huge amount of americantroops surrounded burgoyne at saratoga, where he surrendered his army to general gates.
  • Period: to

    harsh winters in valley forge

    sveral years before in the harsh winter at valley forge, not many poeple had high hopes for winning the war. at times people would tleave any chance they got.
  • the amazing transformation

    in the middle of the wwinter at valley forge the soldiers began an amazing transformation.
  • official alliance

    the french knew that maericans wanted to beindependent so they made an officail alliance which was known as the treaty of cooperation with the americans.
  • british attempting a comback

    after thier defeat at saratoga, the british changed thier military stradegy and started using guirilla warfare tactics, trying to have the skills that the americans do to win.
  • british expendtion

    a british expediton took place. they wanted to get any advantage they could get.
  • the beggining of the change

    a lafayette joined washingtons staff and gave hope throughout the troops of valley forge. he shiped in french reinforcements and led a command in virginia in the lastyears of the war.
  • royal governer

    a royal governor once again comamanded georgia, meaning the british were able to conquor it.
  • Period: to

    african americans

    cornwallis succeeded as the redcoats advanced, they were joined by thousands of african americans who had escaped from patriot slave owners to join the british and win thier freedom.
  • general henry clinton

    general henry clinton replaced howe in new york, along with the ambituaous genral charles cornwallis. they sailed south with 8,500 men.
  • conquering north and south caroloina

    tons of american soldiers marched off as in war. clinton then left for new york, leaving cornwallis to command the british forces in the south conquer south and north carolina.
  • getting soldiers

    a french army of 6,000 had landed in new port, rhode island, after the british left the city to fucus on the south.
  • americans fight back hard

    americans fight back hard
    at cowpens, south carolina , the british expected the outnumbered americans to run away and flee; but the soldiers came together and fought back causing the redcoats to surrender.
  • cornwallis attacks

    cornwallis attacks greene at guilford couthouse, north carolina.
  • letter to laffayett

    greene wrote a letter to laffayettn asking for help, he didnt know how to defeat anyone with his own help.
  • troops were paid

    do to the great efforts of genrals morris and salmon, the troops were paid in either gold or silver to give back what they promised.
  • british white flag

    with his troops outnumbered, cornwallis raised the white flag.
  • on the road to succes

    colonel william fotain of virginia militia stood with the frnch and american armies, going down roads in york town and virginia to witness the formal british surrender.
  • a triuphnat win

    wahsinton, the french generals, and thier troops assemlbed to accept the british surrender.
  • new merchant in town

    the congress named Robert morris, a rich philidelphian merchant as super intendent of finance.
  • peace talks

    people came together in paris to talk about peace. tthe four nations jioned and negotiantions between them started, with each of them looking out for thier own nations.
  • the treaty of paris

    the delegate signed the trety of paris, which confirmed U.S. independence and set boundaries of the new nation,