Elephant Run by: Roland Smith-Fiction-318

  • Pages read: 1-35

    Nick Freestone has been told to move away to Burma with his father since he lived in London with his mother and step-father and there was a bombing, Nick used to live in Burma with his mother and father when he was a little boy and his father has told him more about Burma and how there is an elephan there that he and his father used to ride on named Hannibal. Hannibal now wheres an iron bell around his neck to show the people of the village to be cautious because he is now a dangerous animal.
  • Pages read: 36-62

    Continuing his new life in Burman again, Nick was taken to the village by Nang and Mya. The next day he met up with his father at the house he is staying in until his father had to leave again since he is a soldier and in a way, he runs the village. Nick soon decides to leave the house and give himself a tour around the village where he runs into a monk and gives him food. Soon, Nick leaves and suddenly runs into Hannibal where he is attacked by the elephant, giving him a few broken ribs.
  • Pages read: 63-110

    Throughout this part of the book, Nick's father, along with Indaw and Mya, decides to take Nick on an elephant back ride on Christmas day. They take a tour throughout Burma and on the tour, they see interesting sights while Indaw and Jackson (Nick's father) are searching for Hannibal. When they return to Burma, the Japanese were there and took Nick's father. His father left him a message saying "Follow elephant tracks to Hilltop". Hilltop is a very old monk who may help Nick with this problem.
  • Pages read: 111- 163

    Leading on to Nick's father being kidnapped by the Japanese, they took him somewhere away from Nick. The Japanese , taking over the plantation, had killed Nang and Sergent Johnson. Soon, they take Nick back up to Hawk's Nest and keep him locked in his room, They also make Mya do work for them and Bukong (house keeper) explains to Mya that she is going to marry him for protection and her beauty. Mya is surely not happy with the idea. Pretty soon, Nick recieves a letter from his father.
  • Pages read: 164-205

    About the next day, Nick goes and visits Mya in her room and she shows him sort of a secret passage way which is where she hides most of her items. So that night, Nick and Mya used the secret passage way to escape out of the house and Bukong had almost caught them until they got out in time. The Colonel sent of soldiers to find Nick and Mya and they did. They brought them back and the Colonel had a talk with Nick. Soon Nick recieves letters from his mother and step-father making him miss home.
  • Pages read: 205-246

    Hiiltop had a plan. So a few nights later, he told Nick and Mya that all three of them were going to escape with Hannibal and leave the plantation. But in order to have a plan, Nick and Mya had to shave their heads and where robes to look like monks, until Magwe had found them in the tunnel but luckily he just let them go. Magwe had wanted to get his mahouts back so he blew up Hawk's Nest with grenades. Mya, Nick, and Hilltop were off with Hannibal. Along the way, they met a few men.
  • Pages read: 247-280

    As Nick, Mya, and Hilltop continue their journey, Hilltop goes to the village and meets Indaw there while he works for the Japanese. Meanwhile, Nick and Mya are approached by a visitor by the name of Kyian Lee. He was a bad man back at the village. While Hilltop talks with Indaw, Indaw explains that when he next sees Mya she needs to act normal and not loving around him. Nick's father becomes severely ill being a prisoner for the Japanese. Nick, Mya, and Hilltop set out to the next village.
  • Pages read: 281-318

    Soon, Nick and Hilltop go to the grave yard where his father was working and while that happens, Mya sees Indaw with Miss Pretty and he stays with her for a while. Meanwhile, Nick and Hilltop are at the grave yard digging Nick's father out of the ground since he was burried alive. When he does that, they all try to escape the camp and run into some of the Japanese. They escape because of Hannibal. Then, they all go to Australia and stay there with Jackson's friend away from everything else.