• Oct 27, 1000


    use in building construction
  • Oct 27, 1250


    use for strengthening alloys of copper
  • Oct 27, 1500


    use as an anti-corrosive
  • antimony

    use for cosmetics
  • phosphorus

    use to make special glass
  • platinum

    use in jewerly and motor vehicles
  • nickel

    use in electric guitar strings, magnets, and rechargable batteries
  • nitrogen

    use to preserve package foods by stopping oxidation of food
  • oxygen

    use for people who have trouble breathing
  • chlorine

    use to kill bacteria
  • alumrium

    use in cans and alumrium foil
  • flourine

    use in its elemental form is in rocket fuels
  • argon

    use in graphite electric burners
  • helium

    use to coal superconducting magnets in MRI scanners
  • kripton

    use in some photography aplications
  • neon

    use in adverstising signs
  • polanium

    use on brushes to clean film
  • radium

    use for the treatment of conditions such as cancer
  • actinium

    use for neutron source
  • radon

    use for treating cancer
  • Carbon

    is used as a lubricant
  • sulfur

    used as fumigants
  • francium

    are limited to only scientific research
  • plutonium

    use for explosive in nuclear weapons
  • americium

    use to detect chemical in high-presicion gas
  • dubnium

    only scientific research
  • ununbium

    has no biological use
  • tin

    used to coat other metals to prevent corrosion
  • iron

    used as cookwares to decor to nutritional supplements
  • silver

    used as an investment,to make ornaments
  • gold

    used as coins, bullions, and jewerly
  • copper

    used as a conductor of heat and electricity