Electronic Music

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    Electronic Music

  • The importance of the Synth

    Used since the 1800's recordng devices that could imitate sound and create new timbres from the instrument they mimic. There is a vast array of different types of synthesizers, they attach to pianos or other instruments through electrcal power. The syntheseizer was used with the teleharmonium so it's quite an old invention and it really changed things.
  • The Teleharmonium!

    The Teleharmonium!
    The teleharmonium is somthing that led to great, great feats for electrical music! It was created by Thaddeus Cahilll In the late 1800's. These machines could Weigh between 7- 200 tons, that'a a lot! They created sound purely electrictly and used no instruments , it created a very different sound and was difficult to play.
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    The New age

  • The Mighty Wulritzer.

    The Mighty Wulritzer.
    The teleharmonium was losing favorbility, and tis is what took it's place! Created by Franz Rudolph Wulritzer in the ealry 1900 hundres. It could do much more than the other instrument could, it created a much vaster range of sounds and could play out almos any sound.
  • Theremin Thundaaa!

    Theremin Thundaaa!
    This is a cool one! It involved absolutely no tools to play except for the theremin itself. You used only your hands by waving them closer and further, up and down, controlling the picth and volume. The device itself is very unique it consit of two metal poles that generate sound when your hands are playing a song.
  • The Onde's Matenot!

    The Onde's Matenot!
    Now, this instrument is pretty cool it's like a piano incorporated with an electrical bar that has a slide and it controls the sounds and can alter the pianos regular sound which is really space like and ethereal, it was known for its eerie sound. The creator was Maurice Martenot.
  • Hammond Organ.

    Hammond Organ.
    Created in 1929 by Laurens Hammond, It was essentially a lot like the teleharmonium except it was much more compact, it was critisized by the pipe organ players because it was "to electronic". It used vacuum tubes to create its sound like man of the other early electrical instruments.
  • Computer Compsitions.

    This wasnt your average day computer, this computer was able to take up the size of an entire room and could only create minimal sound waves. It's name was CSIRAC and it played very simple melodies from the 1950's. This was a huge impact on the world of electronic music because computers rule in today's society.
  • The Moog!

    The Moog!
    Robert Moog created the Moog synthesizer, the first commercially available synthesizer. It was pretty difficult to play you had to know about wave lengths and stuff. You had to mess around with the wireing a lot and it was a had task. Laer on the minimoog would replace it and was much simpler same basics of the original just much more compact and easier to manuever;