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  • give me liberty or give me death

    Patrick Henery gave his "Give me liberty or give me death" speech. He wrote this speech for the virginia convention.
  • paul revere

    On this night was the ride of paul revere to tell the people in the town if the british were coming or not
  • first shots fired

    First shots were fired between British and American troops. The shots were fired is Lexington and Concord
  • continental army

    Continental army is created. Geroge washington is to be the leader of the army
  • independence

    Congress declares independence from great britian
  • decleration of independence

    the deceleration was signed on this day. The deceleration of independence was a document declaring the 13 American Colonies independent from Great Britain.
  • trenton

    Washington crosses the Delaware and captures Trenton. This is known to be one of the most famous American victories.
  • New york

    Americans under Herkimer defeat the British under St. Leger at Fort Stanwix in Oriskany, New York
  • Brandywine

    Battle between Britiash and AMericans in Brandywine, Philadelphia. The british won this battle
  • Germantown

    Second battle in Phildelphia. American Generals marched into Germantown from different directions. This resulted in british troops falling bakc and Americans won the battle
  • articles of confederation

    Articles of Confederation were adopted by congress
  • William Howe

    British General William Howe replaced by Henry Clinton, General William Howe was not doing a good job at commandind the british army
  • Monmouth

    Washington fights to a draw at Battle of Monmouth. Neither the British of the Americans won
  • Kaskaskia

    George Clark captured Kaskaskia, a French village near Detroit
  • Savannah

    Americans attempt to recapture Savannah, GA. They were not successful their attempt failed
  • Charleston

    British capture Charleston, Nc. This victory gave British control over most of the southern colonies.
  • French troops

    French troops arrive at Newport, rhode island to aid the Americans.
  • Kings Mountain

    King's Mountain, SC battle. This battle lasted 65 minutes. American troops were led by Isaac Shelby and John Sevier
  • Nathaneal Greene

    Washington names Nathanael Greene commander of the Southern Army after helping win pther battles throught out the war Washington made this decision
  • yorktown

    Cornwallis is surrounded on land and sea by Americans and French he surrenders at Yorktown, VA